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Skinny Jeans and Drug Use

Wednesday, April 29, 2009
It's so weird that I can't say skinny jeans without people thinking of the ugly ankle tight nasty pants that people wear nowadays. When I say skinny jeans, I'm talking about my personal single digit sizes pants that I used to fit into when I was first married. Yeah. Those kind. Anyway, I'm a size closer to fitting into them. I have many more to go. But I'm getting there.

Steph and Meggod and Dawn are going to freak out when they read this blog because I'm announcing to the world that I am getting a Blizzard tonight. With Reese's in it.

David's person is Dr. McDougod, and my person is Meggod. They are the people we answer to when it comes to what we eat. They are The Ones that we ask for help, the ones we turn to when we are in need. At least when it comes to food and the choices we make regarding it. Get it?

I sort of feel like a bad mom because every other sweet little lover of blogs, they update the world on the things their children are doing. Sadie is still pooping and eating. So is Jackson. Are those good updates?

In serious news, Jackson is getting smarter by the day. His words make sense and he is cute. Sadie officially sits up and cracks up. She laughs so hard at brother Jackson. It's my favorite thing ever.

That's all. Just wanted to get some stuff out there. I'm sweating. Oooh wait. I have an story about drugs. If you are going to find offense to the talk of weed, please don't read further. But you probably will because you wanna know why a Mormon is talking about drugs.

Okay so 4/20 was 9 days ago. Well coming from a family of previous (or sometime still) smokers of an illegal substance, I decided to "show off" my knowledge of it by sending a text to my sister telling her I had some. Except that I didn't really know the name of the "good stuff". So I texted my other friend asking her for some terms to use. This is how it went.

Me: Hey, what are the names of some good weed?

J: What do you mean? Like chronic or dandelions?

Me: Those work. Okay. Thanks!

So then I texted this to my sister on 4/20. As a joke people.

Me: Hey at least I have some chronic and dandelions.

Sister: Nice. lol.

Me: Are you jealous?

Sister: Yes. lol.

Then later on in the week we were sitting there discussing the previous conversations. Sister asked me what dandelions were. I said "you don't know? Well go look it up." So she did. She spent some time on the computer researching what dandelions are in reference to drug use. She couldn't really find much about them.

I texted J and asked her what they were and she said they were nothing. What?? She said she didn't know what they were. She didn't know what kind of weed I wanted the name of. The kind that grow in the ground, or the kind you smoke. Oh my goodness. I laughed so hard. I called her and we laughed for a long time about this. I seriously think that it's so funny. I am sort of naive I guess when it comes to the drug world. I thought that I was somewhat knowledgeable but this goes to prove that I don't really know much. Either that or I'm just an idiot.

Day 5

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
I almost can't stomach the eggs right now. Yeah. The last meal of the day for me is actually good (on a normal day) but my tummy is upset right now. So my egg whites (and one regular egg) burrito is just not doing it for me. I get to have salsa, fat free cheese and a tsp. of sour cream on it too. And green onions if I want. I know. I'm lucky. But for now, I'm just doing the eggs.

It's been quite a journey so far. I wish I could say I don't want to eat everything in sight, but I do. That's a lie. It's usually when I'm out and about and see Subway, and Taco Bell and Cold Stone and Filibertos and really anything that is fattening, that I want to give in to the devil on my shoulder who tells me I NEEEEED it. Food really did control my life. Its so amazing to be in control again (sort of). I'm still working on it. I walked though the candy isle the other day and it took everything in me to not rip open a bag of gummy bears and eat the entire thing. Do you think people would have stared?

These egg whites are getting better by the bite.

I love how I feel at the end of the day. I love how I feel DURING the day. It's so great. I haven't cheated yet. Well okay, I did have a bite of coleslaw from KFC. Oh, and I did end up eating like 3 gummy bears. Shhh. Don't tell.

There is nothing else exciting to say. I'm going to eat pudding and watch a movie. David and Jackson are not here. Not even sure what I'm gonna do with my life. They won't be back till Saturday. I know right? I miss my boys already but I'm also secretly loving my life. The only part I'm loving is my consistently clean house. lol. They've only been gone a few hours but it's still pretty clean! whoop whoop.

Okay I feel like I might vomit all over my keyboard. Does that sound appetizing? I need everyone to offer suggestions on what I should have for my cheat meal. What will I eat for cheat? lol I'm so funny.


Friday, April 17, 2009
Did anyone else notice that you can now post stuff from your e-mail and from your phone to Blogger? I'm sort of overwhelmed with the online social communities. I'm a member of Myspace, Facebook, Blogger and more recently, Twitter. It's sort of insane actually. I kind of feel like Myspacers went to Facebook and it's slowly turning into Twitter as the new hype. I have noticed a trend though. Myspace is for the younger peeps. Facebook is for the more sophisticated people and Twitter is for stalkers. Blogger is for family people. Yes, those are very generalized statements but I think I might be little right. And they are all trying to be like each other. It's stressful.

I started a new lifestyle. Remember how I'm living sexy? What it really should be called is I'm living without sugar/caffeine/fastfood. It has been a COMPLETE change for me. I told my sister earlier in a text that if they had rehab for food addicts, I'd be there. I didn't realize how food was the biggest part of my life. In many senses of the word. In my body world and in my physical surroundings world. I'm hoping to change that.

I have headaches. I am not sure if that is from the lack of sugar or caffeine. Maybe both? I cried today. I was sitting on my bed with tears rolling down my face. I don't know why. In part because of the pain (from my headaches) and in part because of the change of it all. I'm losing a huge part of my life. This may seem ridiculous to all you skinny folk, but it's a real thing for me.

I look forward to the future though. I just wanna be in the single digits for pant sizes again. I really do. That's pretty much what is keeping me going. I want less chins. I want to take full body pictures and not feel disgusted by them. What I really want is to have the body where you can put your hand on your hip all stylish and it looks good. This seems probably all surface, but I want the health benefits too. Heart problems and other such things run rampant in my family. It's time to be healthy.

It's Day Two and it's hard. But it's good. Don't be sad if I am a little cranky for awhile until I get back to normal. Normal in the sense that I'm okay with living without bad stuff.

The Angle

Sunday, April 12, 2009
So you know how I LOVE Myspace pictures? (That's sarcastic), well my new most favoritest thing is the Myspace Angle. It's the angle you use when you take your picture from your best side, camera above your head as to diminish the rolls below your chin. It's the coolest way to take a picture you know.

I was looking through Myspying on some people on my profile and I totally noticed that this one girls pictures were ALL the same. K so they were supposed to be different but they were really all from the same. Same angle (sually in front of the mirror), same kissy face, same outfit usually (the one that makes her look skinny). Blah.

I'll go ahead and post my own Myspace picture. It'll be from awhile ago since I've sort of moved on from the Myspace Angle (okay I still like it once in awhile but always in a joking manner). Well I can't really find a good one. So I'm not gonna post a picture. I am however, going to post this post because I'm tired of trying to find a good pic.

The Easter bunny for us is coming THIS Sunday since everything is going to be half off. I guess I am sort of smart that way. We got to celebrate the true meaning of the day and will have the fun festivities this weekend. So stay tuned for some awesomely ridiculous mommy crafty pictures.

Skinny what?

Friday, April 10, 2009
So I sort of wanna be a lot of things when I grow up. I wanted first to be a nurse. But then I just figured out that I want to be a Physicians Assistant (PA). It could be because I am watching Grey's Anatomy a lot lately, but it could also be the fact that I love the human body. It's super fascinating to me.

I also want to be a rockstar. I'd be so amazing at that. I would for sure do some sort of alter-ego thing like Hannah Montana. Maybe call myself Misa Larie or something.

I need everyone to support me. I am going to be skinny. Skinny as in I-wear-single-digit-sized-jeans skinny. yeah that's right. You heard me. So don't tempt me with oatmeal cookies, Sour Patch Kids, Del Taco, Taco Bell, Cold Stone, Dr. Pepper, or anything else for that matter. I'm going to be eating leaves and chicken probably. See my sister has this amazing bodybuilder friend who is going to create a customized meal plan based on where I need to lose weight on my body. She will also do a workout plan the same way. So awesome. Does anyone want her number? I'm not sure how much she is charging but when you see my before and afters, you're gonna want her digits. That's right beeyotches. I LIVE SEXY (That's her company's name) except I think it's just Live Sexy. Anyway.

Jackson is sick and that equals vomit. Everywhere. I sort of hate my life because of the never ending vomit. It makes me terribly sad to see him so lethargic and sad eyed. I can't really handle it. I do LOVE that he is so snuggly though. Mmmm makes me happy for that matter. I hate the laundry though. I guess it's a good thing when he gets sick because I wash EVERYTHING. So in a sense, it's nice because my house gets somewhat clean. lol. Not really funny.

Im going to binge on something unhealthy before I get started on my rigid working out eating deal. Stay tuned for results.

Scavenger Hunt: Keeping it Simple

This is Sadielynns first pedicure (done by aunt Chelsi whose finger is featured). It may not seem simple, but it is. It is simple in that it's not perfect but SO perfect. You know? Tiny little toes, imperfect nail polish. Simple but happy.


Thursday, April 9, 2009
Is my husband the only one that doesn't help out around the house? I mean seriously... ugh. I need EVERY married woman to respond to this. I'm being serious. I don't ask him to do much. I'm sort of over it. When he cooks, it's like a tornado has been through the kitchen. Somehow food miraculously appears in places it really should never be. It's annoying.

I love Mexican tortillas. I love the Farmers Market on Greenfield and Main. If you live in Mesa and haven't been there, GO! SUCH cheap produce. It's crazy busy but the checkout people are freakin fast so you get out real quick. My checkout lady was awesome today. She was totally from New York and saw that I was buying tofu. She said, "You ever cooked with that stuff?" I said no, but that my husband is taking a nutrition class and we are trying to go Vegan because of it. She said, "I would get a new husband." lol. lol. So funny. She then said, "I would rather be overweight than eat healthy." I totally had to agree with that. Love my life.

That's all. I'm adding famous people on Myspace. Their actual real profiles. I'm already friends with Nicole Richie, and I added Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad today. These are their real profiles. Myspace verifies them. Yup. I'm popular. Myspace is not evil.

Scavenger Hunt

Friday, April 3, 2009
This weeks topic: Collections.

Love them. I have a couple more. Next weeks topic: Keeping it Simple (I think). You should all do this too. Check out this blog. Carrie will add you to the list. Super fun!