Skinny what?

So I sort of wanna be a lot of things when I grow up. I wanted first to be a nurse. But then I just figured out that I want to be a Physicians Assistant (PA). It could be because I am watching Grey's Anatomy a lot lately, but it could also be the fact that I love the human body. It's super fascinating to me.

I also want to be a rockstar. I'd be so amazing at that. I would for sure do some sort of alter-ego thing like Hannah Montana. Maybe call myself Misa Larie or something.

I need everyone to support me. I am going to be skinny. Skinny as in I-wear-single-digit-sized-jeans skinny. yeah that's right. You heard me. So don't tempt me with oatmeal cookies, Sour Patch Kids, Del Taco, Taco Bell, Cold Stone, Dr. Pepper, or anything else for that matter. I'm going to be eating leaves and chicken probably. See my sister has this amazing bodybuilder friend who is going to create a customized meal plan based on where I need to lose weight on my body. She will also do a workout plan the same way. So awesome. Does anyone want her number? I'm not sure how much she is charging but when you see my before and afters, you're gonna want her digits. That's right beeyotches. I LIVE SEXY (That's her company's name) except I think it's just Live Sexy. Anyway.

Jackson is sick and that equals vomit. Everywhere. I sort of hate my life because of the never ending vomit. It makes me terribly sad to see him so lethargic and sad eyed. I can't really handle it. I do LOVE that he is so snuggly though. Mmmm makes me happy for that matter. I hate the laundry though. I guess it's a good thing when he gets sick because I wash EVERYTHING. So in a sense, it's nice because my house gets somewhat clean. lol. Not really funny.

Im going to binge on something unhealthy before I get started on my rigid working out eating deal. Stay tuned for results.


  1. Just wanted to say thanks a lot I'm now craving, oatmeal cookies, sour patch kids, del taco, taco bell, cold stone, and dr. pepper! :P Oh and good luck on the weight loss! You can do it! And you will look super duper hot! I might even want to make out with you hot! Wait no, I dont think any girl could ever be THAT hot. But you get the idea!

  2. Lisa,

    Good luck on the dieting. I wish the best. Blog a lot about it. I gained FIVE pounds last month and I'm NOT happy about it!