The Angle

So you know how I LOVE Myspace pictures? (That's sarcastic), well my new most favoritest thing is the Myspace Angle. It's the angle you use when you take your picture from your best side, camera above your head as to diminish the rolls below your chin. It's the coolest way to take a picture you know.

I was looking through Myspying on some people on my profile and I totally noticed that this one girls pictures were ALL the same. K so they were supposed to be different but they were really all from the same. Same angle (sually in front of the mirror), same kissy face, same outfit usually (the one that makes her look skinny). Blah.

I'll go ahead and post my own Myspace picture. It'll be from awhile ago since I've sort of moved on from the Myspace Angle (okay I still like it once in awhile but always in a joking manner). Well I can't really find a good one. So I'm not gonna post a picture. I am however, going to post this post because I'm tired of trying to find a good pic.

The Easter bunny for us is coming THIS Sunday since everything is going to be half off. I guess I am sort of smart that way. We got to celebrate the true meaning of the day and will have the fun festivities this weekend. So stay tuned for some awesomely ridiculous mommy crafty pictures.

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  1. Good idea about 1/2 off! I am going to do that next year...I LOVE the picture of Sadie's toes! Too cute! I want to do that!