Skinny Jeans and Drug Use

It's so weird that I can't say skinny jeans without people thinking of the ugly ankle tight nasty pants that people wear nowadays. When I say skinny jeans, I'm talking about my personal single digit sizes pants that I used to fit into when I was first married. Yeah. Those kind. Anyway, I'm a size closer to fitting into them. I have many more to go. But I'm getting there.

Steph and Meggod and Dawn are going to freak out when they read this blog because I'm announcing to the world that I am getting a Blizzard tonight. With Reese's in it.

David's person is Dr. McDougod, and my person is Meggod. They are the people we answer to when it comes to what we eat. They are The Ones that we ask for help, the ones we turn to when we are in need. At least when it comes to food and the choices we make regarding it. Get it?

I sort of feel like a bad mom because every other sweet little lover of blogs, they update the world on the things their children are doing. Sadie is still pooping and eating. So is Jackson. Are those good updates?

In serious news, Jackson is getting smarter by the day. His words make sense and he is cute. Sadie officially sits up and cracks up. She laughs so hard at brother Jackson. It's my favorite thing ever.

That's all. Just wanted to get some stuff out there. I'm sweating. Oooh wait. I have an story about drugs. If you are going to find offense to the talk of weed, please don't read further. But you probably will because you wanna know why a Mormon is talking about drugs.

Okay so 4/20 was 9 days ago. Well coming from a family of previous (or sometime still) smokers of an illegal substance, I decided to "show off" my knowledge of it by sending a text to my sister telling her I had some. Except that I didn't really know the name of the "good stuff". So I texted my other friend asking her for some terms to use. This is how it went.

Me: Hey, what are the names of some good weed?

J: What do you mean? Like chronic or dandelions?

Me: Those work. Okay. Thanks!

So then I texted this to my sister on 4/20. As a joke people.

Me: Hey at least I have some chronic and dandelions.

Sister: Nice. lol.

Me: Are you jealous?

Sister: Yes. lol.

Then later on in the week we were sitting there discussing the previous conversations. Sister asked me what dandelions were. I said "you don't know? Well go look it up." So she did. She spent some time on the computer researching what dandelions are in reference to drug use. She couldn't really find much about them.

I texted J and asked her what they were and she said they were nothing. What?? She said she didn't know what they were. She didn't know what kind of weed I wanted the name of. The kind that grow in the ground, or the kind you smoke. Oh my goodness. I laughed so hard. I called her and we laughed for a long time about this. I seriously think that it's so funny. I am sort of naive I guess when it comes to the drug world. I thought that I was somewhat knowledgeable but this goes to prove that I don't really know much. Either that or I'm just an idiot.


  1. Enjoy your blizzard! That is a great cheat!! And way to go! One pants size is GREAT!!! I know you'll be down to your goal before you know it!!! Oh and almost died about the good stuff! Next time just google urban dictionary! (careful probably more info on there then you want!!)

  2. oh, my gosh! very funny texting times! i'm glad we can make memories even when we're far away!