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I sort of don't know how to approach the trip to CA of '09. With seriousness? Sarcasticness or happiness. Maybe all of the above?
Hannah was amazing to cram in the back with those sweet boys.

It was random to say the least. And when I told people about us going, i was met with a lot of hostility. I think it was mostly jealousy and a little bit of judging. But I'm okay with that. I know the question most people are/were dying to ask (and only my mom actually did ask) is "How did you pay for that?" Wanna know how? I'm not going to tell you. It's none of your business. Fine. I'll tell you. I sold my body. Not in that way you dirty minded souls. I sold it to science. That's a lie. Anyway, it doesn't really matter how we paid for it right? All that matters is the good times we experienced.

David and Steven. Loving their lives.

We hooked up with Hannah and Steven and Nate. We took the rockin' mini van. They were gracious enough to let us take up most of the space (because we have like 10 kids and they only have 1). It was a great ride there. We had the GarMIN (emphasis on the MIN, right Maria?) to keep us company. Got there in great time and great spirits. Checked out the beach, checked out our hotel (or checked in I should say) and checked out the food. Unfortunately the man with the mushroom style haircut at the front desk wouldn't give us an upgrade to the beach side so we had a view of the pool instead. Which was nice. Lots of babes in bikinis. Seriously though, it was a nice hotel for the price. Actually ON the beach. We were at Imperial beaches which are so perfect. They were not even crowded and were located right by a pier. Kudos to Hannah Jane for hooking us up.

I mostly just wanted to see the temple. And we did!

Let's take a little trip to Sea World. Empty your pockets. They'll suck you dry. Yeah we went there. It was definately worth the hundreds of dollars spent (I'm exaggerating. A little). I started out the adventure a little pissed off at the parking. $12.00. Park admission= a lot. And then to rent a stroller $17.00. 'Why didn't you just take a stroller in?' you ask? We did. But we had tons of kids remember and the rockin' minivan would only allow for one stroller. So the boys did double duty with the double stroller. My fat butt wouldn't fit in it, or they would have been pushin' me around. Food=expensive.

The shows were awesome. I'm a believer in Shamu. I didn't quite get the seriousness of that show. The theme and title of the show is "Believe". Um.. okay, I believe that a 3 ton animal is beautiful and awesome and could chop my head off at any moment. I believe that. It was touching okay? Little sweet boy Jackson fell asleep before it started but woke up when we got soaked by the pretties. Yeah, we sat in the soak zone. Really fun.

Next day was beach day/drive home day. I was the only lame-o who didn't get in the water. I sat back and took unbelievably awesome pho-toes. Yes. I wanted to spell photos like that. Get it? FO-TOES. Anyway, I actually really enjoyed just sitting back and watching everyone. I loved watching Steven and David get in that water. They both agreed getting in the ocean made the whole trip worthwhile.

Trip Home = INSANE. We left at a good hour. 11 a.m.. Started out fine and dandy. We were all a little tired from the previous days so most everyone (the little people) fell asleep. Until the A/C went out!!! Yeah. It's true. Not only did it break, but it broke right before the hottest part of the trip. That would be the part where it's nothing but sandy, dry, dusty, sunny sand dunes. The part before Yuma. Just saying the name Yuma implies a lot of hotness itself. It happened before that though. K. So we were dealing and driving. We got past Yuma and guess what? We blew a tire. I'm not lying. You thought I was kidding right? No. We really did. David got blisters from the hot tires. At least the kids got free stuffed animals from this super nice guy who helps all the dumb people who don't know to let air out of their tires before they drive through ridiculously hot heat and blow them (I'm not talking about you Steven. I'm talking about everyone else). Yeah he was nice. Told us to go back to Yuma and get our tires fixed. So we spent some great quality time at Wal-Mart. Needless to say, we didn't get home till what? 10:30 p.m. A 6 hour drive turned into double that. At least we got to know each other really well if you know what I mean. It was like something out of a book. Or a movie even. It was that good.

I really am grateful for the whole experience. We desperately needed that vacation. Isn't it funny though, how you sometimes feel like you need a vacation from your vacation? I really did enjoy all my time with the fam. It was so fun.

Before I forget, I just need to say that last night we spent the night in Chino Valley America. David and Jackson started watching Cars. David got tired and left Jackson downstairs to finish (with Grandpa). Grandpa stayed and finished the rest of the movie with him even though it was past his bedtime (grandpas). I thought that was very sweet. I love little moments of happiness.

Now that this might officially be the longest post ever, I will retire. And go eat. Turkey Burger. Be jealous people.


  1. I like this post! Talk about total craziness.... I'm glad it was good and crazy... What is a "family vacation" without moments like that? Those memories will last a lifetime and I'm glad you wrote about it. xo

  2. Anonymous20 May, 2009

    Hi i like stocking you
    and i miss you and chelsea

  3. I'm so glad you guys had a fun vacation, and who cares how you paid for it. You are parents, you sacrifice for you kids, you do what you have to to provide these fun times!!!!

  4. I'm so glad you guys had a fun vacation, and who cares how you paid for it. You are parents, you sacrifice for you kids, you do what you have to to provide these fun times!!!!

  5. Anonymous27 May, 2009

    Hey Missy! Love the story of your vacation but I have to correct one thing. I did NOT ask how you paid for the trip!! I did ask how in the world you could afford Sea World. I've been there recently, remember? And it is unbelievable how expensive it is!! I won't be going again. Ever! Glad you had fun and the memories are priceless.

  6. Hey Lisa,

    Sounds fun and glad you guys got to travel with Hannah Jane and Steven too. That's cool. Sounds fun. We'll have to go some time......some day......we hope.:)

  7. Sounds fun! Isn't California the best?

  8. How fun! It is always good to take vacations for memories no matter what money you have because memories is all we will have later! Glad you had fun and got back safe! Hope things are well with you! You have such a cute family!