Did anyone else notice that you can now post stuff from your e-mail and from your phone to Blogger? I'm sort of overwhelmed with the online social communities. I'm a member of Myspace, Facebook, Blogger and more recently, Twitter. It's sort of insane actually. I kind of feel like Myspacers went to Facebook and it's slowly turning into Twitter as the new hype. I have noticed a trend though. Myspace is for the younger peeps. Facebook is for the more sophisticated people and Twitter is for stalkers. Blogger is for family people. Yes, those are very generalized statements but I think I might be little right. And they are all trying to be like each other. It's stressful.

I started a new lifestyle. Remember how I'm living sexy? What it really should be called is I'm living without sugar/caffeine/fastfood. It has been a COMPLETE change for me. I told my sister earlier in a text that if they had rehab for food addicts, I'd be there. I didn't realize how food was the biggest part of my life. In many senses of the word. In my body world and in my physical surroundings world. I'm hoping to change that.

I have headaches. I am not sure if that is from the lack of sugar or caffeine. Maybe both? I cried today. I was sitting on my bed with tears rolling down my face. I don't know why. In part because of the pain (from my headaches) and in part because of the change of it all. I'm losing a huge part of my life. This may seem ridiculous to all you skinny folk, but it's a real thing for me.

I look forward to the future though. I just wanna be in the single digits for pant sizes again. I really do. That's pretty much what is keeping me going. I want less chins. I want to take full body pictures and not feel disgusted by them. What I really want is to have the body where you can put your hand on your hip all stylish and it looks good. This seems probably all surface, but I want the health benefits too. Heart problems and other such things run rampant in my family. It's time to be healthy.

It's Day Two and it's hard. But it's good. Don't be sad if I am a little cranky for awhile until I get back to normal. Normal in the sense that I'm okay with living without bad stuff.


  1. Way to go! I'm always so inspired by people who decide to better thier lives! Oh and PS there is Rehab for fat people! Actally it's for morbidly obese people. I saw it on Oprah the other day! It made me cry! I know it will be hard but you are on your way to better things! OH and I'll have to see if I can get some recipies from my MIL for you, she has a cake recepie w/o sugar & butter! Still SO good!

  2. I get headaches every time I am not eating enough. It may also be that you are having withdrawls, especially because of the sugar and caffeine. They are both extremely addictive. I should know- I am addicted to sugar- and I am not afraid to admit it! LOL It will probably be really hard for the first two weeks, but don't give up. You'll get there!

  3. You should stock up on the Excedrin! It's the best. You can do it! I'm cheering for you! Caffine withdrawls are the absolute worst!

  4. You can do it my PorkChop! I did my 5k today- it was hard! So I know you can get through it. The first 2 weeks are the hardest. I promise it WILL be worth it. If you ever want to vent, or to chat- call me. And we'll get you through.


  5. Hey Lisa,

    Hang in there, woman! Curves has been good for me, but I sincerely think my diet made the biggest difference. You can do it! A diet isn't just a temporary thing. It's a way of life. I realize that may not be what you want to hear. But, hang in there. If you feel the need to have sugar or caffeine or whatever, you could just limit it. Know what you want, and then limit it. For example, if you want five cookies a day, limit it to one small one per day. I have to tell you too that one thing that helped me a ton was drinking water!!!!! Water will curb so much hunger. Sometimes your body thinks you're hungry, but you're really thirsty. I also go to bed early, or try. That way, when I get to feeling "munchy" at night, I don't tempt myself to get those fatty snacks when I'm sleeping. I must admit my diet has not been where it should be lately. Maybe you can inspire me.:) Hang in there and call me at home any time.:) Don't get discouraged though! I have a bunch of low-fat magazines chuck full of awesome recipes. I used to be subscribed to them and they sent me one every few months. It's amazing all the stuff you can eat and still be eating healthy. Just ask. I could find just about anything for you, I think.

    Love ya, Lisa, and good luck!

  6. Couldn't we all use less chins..........stick with it :-)