I Live in The Hood but I'm Moving to Another

I'm serious when I say this is the best neighborhood I've ever lived in. That might offend some of you because I may have been your neighbor in a previous era of my time on earth. However, where I live now has established itself in the most coveted spot of Best Neighborhood In My Life.

The view from 200 ft above our neighborhood. Photo cred: Derik D. 
David and I have a conversation every so often about how he likes the country but could be happy in the city but he doesn't usually like "cookie cutter houses" and suburban neighborhoods. However, I think living on name removed because OPSEC has changed his views although I won't speak for him. I on the other hand, LOVE the idea of neighborhoods just like ours where everyone knows everyone and there's no drama. Who cares that our houses are pretty much exactly the same? Who cares that The Other Side has a front AND backyard (rude!)?

I mentioned to a couple of friends recently that I really believe in that whole "village" idea. Where we all help each other out and that's kind of what we have here. There's usually someone every day who needs to run to the store, or finish charting, or make dinner, or go to the bathroom alone and we all pitch in to watch the kiddos while she (or he) goes and does that. It's so lovely.

What I'm feeling extra sad about is this chunk of happiness time is dwindling for me. I know that's a terrible way of looking at it (half empty much?) but I can't help but be super depressed about it. It comes up in daily conversation for me and my frens here on name removed Strasse.

I'm really starting to feel it because The Originals (sorry newbies) have slowly started (or have already gone) to PCS. I was actually supposed to be one of the final 4 to leave. That's changing*.

I'm going to miss community potlucks and egg hunts and Halloween parties. I'm going to miss you-cook-tonight-and-I'll-cook-tomorrow nights. I'll especially miss sitting outside on the green chairs (or the brown ones if I can convince someone to bring them over) and listening to Eric or Chris play the Uke (am I trendy enough to shorten that?). I'll miss those warm summer nights spent outside until 1 a.m. when it's finallllllly cool enough to go inside and open the windows again. I'll miss Thirsty Thursday's in my backyard drinking Diet Beverage with whoever is out that evening.  I'll miss baby showers, birthday and welcome/goodbye parties. I'll miss toys and chalk everywhere on the street. I'll miss sending my kids to their best friends houses which happen to be a few yards away in any direction. I'll miss my own best friends being a few yards away.  I may even miss those annoying as hell 2 a.m. doughnut-doers in the Edeka parking lot. Nah, I won't miss them.

I meant for this to be a funnier post but it kind of got serious and sentimental. I tell you, it's the nature of this Army life. Because it got all emotional, I'm feeling like I need to put together a Senior Slideshow like we had when we graduated. I think I might do it. lol. I'll add some good music and it will make everyone, or maybe just me, cry. Maybe the Sophomores and Juniors should do it for us? Yeah. I'll make the President tell them to do it. We totally have one of those even though she kind of refuses to do her job. Who cares that she was elected unofficially? lol.

I love every single one of you! Even the ones who have already gone. I'm talking to you Christina, Yvonne, Tasha, Krysta and Stacey and your spouses/kids.

*Stay tuned. I'm not going public till it's official. Edit: It's become official. But if you don't know where we are going you aren't a true friend or you don't read my blog enough. jk.

Now some pictures:

Even though Lauren left a long time ago, Nevie STILL talks about her almost every day! 

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