I don't remember where I put the hammer I borrowed from Self Help. I also don't know how we accrued $120 in library fees. These things are all part of the experience that is out-processing. Yesterday David attended a levy brief signifying the beginning of the End.
When I got this hammer I thought they gave me a broken one, turns out it's just awesome design. Photo cred (worth a read) 

The pre-inspector guy came and judged me for my walls and my messy house. Well, I don't really know if he did. I explained to my friends that he was very clearly German meaning he was to the point, and not overly-friendly but also not rude. It's this very weird mix of emotion. He gave me a sweet deal, only charging me $150 to paint our whole house! That means I don't have to paint the teal wall, or the greige wall, or the purple wall or the red wall NOR do I have to paint over the grimy handprints/smudges that line the hand-level of the various children in my house. Fine, there's some at my level too okay? Because no hand-rail and a previous broken ankle leg make me more cautious. I also don't have to fill in the gaping holes caused by attempts to drill into the cement that are some of the walls here.
The Purple Wall

The Red Wall
Panorama of my living room In the Beginning

The Teal Wall

The inspector pulled out his black light and shined it on the kids carpets which we will obviously have to work on because I have "artistic" kids who like paint and other various liquids that should probably not be used for potion-making.

What I'm having trouble with is selling my stuff. I've given SO much away but there are a few things I really feel like others might enjoy. Apparently they WANT to enjoy them but they don't want to put forth the effort of obtaining them. Now I totally understand why people rant about the people that don't follow through. I'm about to go all Bad Grammar Police on them.

I screenshot your bad grammar/spelling. Only if it's really bad. 

Although it's nearing the end, I really am excited for what's to come. Will you come visit me?

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