The Less Glamorous Days

Today was a day!

Started out with our 110 Volt power out which means my fan was off which means we all woke up to the sound of the trash people coming by at whatever time that was. It felt early because of my late bedtime.

Then I never stopped sweating. It's humid and not terribly hot but HUMIDITY is the worst. David has always enjoyed the humidity stating, "It feels like I'm wrapped in a warm blanket" or something equally as gross. Like who wants to feel that way on a day when it's anything warmer than 60 degrees Farenheit?

I spent some time posting pictures of my stuff for sale which I'm now going to try and pawn off on you once I can get my album together. Or website. Or Etsy shop or Spotify shop. Wait, I think that's a song thing.... Shopify. That's it.

I organized and threw away and donated and I'm so excited.

I made the kids chicken salad with crackers and I think they thought I was Supermom. Don't tell them it was just canned chicken and mayo and salt and pepper. lol.

Our internet is out because of that crazy huge storm we had on Sunday morning. Apparently it fried a bunch of our neighbors water heaters and things...Apple TV's, modems, phone chargers, etc. Luckily we've just been blessed with the internet being off. *insert crying laughing emoji*

Every single day of my life I feel like I'm shoveling while it's still snowing with the mess in my house. I've come to realize (this is what I'm telling myself anyway) that the most lived in area of our house is actually really small so any sort of out-of-place thing seems like a big deal. Hence my heightened desire for minimalism. Also, have you seen my kitchen? Well I'm about to show you.

We're getting to the end of the day in my post about my less glamorous life and I want to show you

a) How small my dum kitchen is
b) What it looks like after my sweet husband and kids make dinner (and muffins!)

Hashtag reallife

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