Why Other Drivers Suck So Bad

This super happened to me today. I spent about an hour going through all the feeds of Facebook life to find this foto. And then I edited it. Because if you are new to reading my life, I spell things differently than others. Rood is one of those words. So don't be rood about my spelling.

Not only did this happen, it happened as I was pulling up to the gate at Fort Huachuca. Not only did it happen as I was pulling up to the gate at Fort Huachuca, it happened as I was blasting Missed Calls by Mac Miller. Edited of course. Boo. I had to turn it down at the very best part.

Guess what else? I got picked for a random car inspection!!! Yay! Wait, what? No. They totally segregated me and had me pull into the lane that was next to the long line of other cars so easily going through the gate after their ID check. Smooth sailing for them. I hope they enjoyed gawking at my beautiful red hair because I was totally trying to hide my face.

If we think about the details of what happened in the picture above, and if they were counting cars, then technically that rood person in front of me would have been picked for the selection instead of me. And the funny thing is I was totally going to be the person that sped up and didn't let them in. Because 2 stoplights back from where the line is for the gate, you can see which lanes are open. So I'm a freak and get in the right lane WAY back so as not to avoid the awkwardness that happens when people don't. pay. attention and they're stuck begging for mercy at the very last freakin second.

So I was just stopped. By myself. They checked my license, my military ID, my insurance, my registration and checked for drugs and other paraphernalia. They also patted me down. Just kidding. About the pat down anyway.

I'm exhausted from all of that hard work. I made it up to myself and listened to this song on the Eminem CD I own. This song actually made me cry. I couldn't find a good version to share. So I guess you'll be left wondering. Sorry about your life. If I can find it, I'll share it on the Facebook of life. In the meantime, don't be a lame driver please? Me and your fellow drivers will appreciate it so much!

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