Around the Clock Baby Shower for a Girl!

You've seen these Around the Clock bridal showers right? Or bachelorette parties? But have you seen this? Not until now. 

This was the invite. If you'd like to throw an around the clock shower and want to use this invite, please tell me. I'll send it to you! Fa Free! I handwrote different times. Secretly, I did a little more of one or two (like mommy and eating time) based on moms needs.  

 The thing about my showers is they are always really cheap. And always really fun! Just kidding. I don't make them fun. It's the people. Secretly I try to center a theme around things that are already in season. With it being almost Valentines day at the time of the shower, I went with a purple and pink color scheme.

I searched far and wide for candy watches. These are from my childhood and pretty difficult to find. I found them at a candy store in Phoenix for really cheap. I found them here. They were $18 for 48 of them. That's a good price!

That's pretty much all! It was fun to do. Like I've said before, I can't wait until I can do this for a living and get paid to do it instead of PAYING to do it. :-) It'll be a different world. It's good practice for now, coming up with decos/favors on a budget!

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