Checking For Murderers

The Scream 

It's late at night and I'm walking to my car from the office. The moon is out thankfully (Harvest Moon anyone?) and I can hear coyotes in the field. My office is right next to the railroad tracks which sit on top of a steep hill. I'm surrounded by nothingness otherwise. The Pink Store is the next closest thing to civilization and even that's a stretch. I walk quickly feeling the crunch of gravel under my feet. Its the only sound I hear since the coyotes have stopped for a moment. I open the gate, and close it again. I've parked on the other side and walked to the office as not to have to get in and out of my car anymore times than I have to. Because checking for murderers is exhausting.

Do you remember that email that went around in like 1998 (I think its still circling the globe) that said something like, "the new way robbers are getting people is they are breaking into cars and sitting in the backseat. They'll slit your throat." Wait, maybe that was a Scream movie. Oh yeah, the email I'm talking about is the one where they said, "the new way robbers are getting people is they are hiding under your car and they cut your ankles." Yeah. There's that one too. Its absolutely terrifying. I can't get them out of my head.

So I check.

Even though I live in the middle of nowhere where I'm sure the crime rate is .7 percent. But then my thoughts drift to, "what if a car trailed me here and I didn't know it? What if they're in my backseat/trunk/under my car and they kill me? They could totally hide my body in one of the dumpsters sitting right. In. Front. Of. Me. What if they're in the dumpster just waiting to hear the crunch of the gravel and they jump out and stab me? They could easily put my body into my own vehicle and drive me out to the field right next door and leave me. What if they are waiting for me to get into the car and start it before they sit up and put a knife to my throat?"

That's why I check. I look underneath the car briefly, I get in, turn the dome light on, turn around and look behind me and on the floors. I immediately lock the doors but I don't do it until I know the coast is clear in case I have to run from said murderers.

Its terrifying.

Maybe I shouldn't go to my office at night.

What's the embarrassing thing you do? Are you also afraid of the dark or is that just me? 

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  1. I totally do all the things you do. You're not crazy, just wise. Good luck through October.