When It Feels Like The World Is Ending

In the Bible they talk about fire and brimstone and Armageddon and death and destruction.  Thats what I'm feeling might happen at my house tonight.
David and I both got to bed really late last night. I'm talking 2 a.m. late. Therefore we did not get enough sleep. Its a cause and effect thing. You might think we were doing something fun till that time, wink wink, oh but we weren't. In fact, on our way to our date last night David said something about me being pregnant (which I'm not) and he goes, "Oh you have to have sex to make that happen." Cause and effect.  And rood.
Circa 2007

We both woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Except we weren't in the same bed. We were on opposite sides of the house.  I believe I ended up with Jackson on the bottom bunk and he ended up in our bed with Nevie and maybe a Sadie too. I can't be sure. You'll have to ask him since I don't want to talk to him at this time. Lol. However when you read this David, just know that I love you and I also don't mean it, that much.
I just asked him if we could just not talk to each other the rest of the night tho. lol.
2 days later...
You know how I never finish these posts? I think that's kind of the best way for me to write. I have ideas, and things I want to say and so I write it down. Then never finish it and then my thoughts are completely different the next day.
See, I love my husband again. Well I always love him. But you know what I mean.
I worked yesterday and came home to an immaculate house. I'm pretty sure it hasn't been this clean in a long time, or ever.
My lovely neighbors that I so often brag about, came over and cleaned. Like the whole family did! And David helped too. lol. He rearranged our room. I love it so much better this way. I'll take a picture when my baby wakes up. She's really tired and sleeping on my bed. Also, I hear that they were making fun of me for my shoe collection. I don't even have that many. Well okay, I do. But not as many as some people. Also, I was also made fun of for the many random bags of unopened items that were found. Did you know that's the first sign of a shopping problem? When you have unopened stuff in your house? Or some fact like that. But it's true. I absolutely admit to having an addiction to the dollar bins at Target and the Goodwill half off days. What's the first step in the addiction recovery program?
"We admitted we were powerless over alcohol Target—that our lives had become unmanageable.
Phew. That was hard.
Now it's time for my rant. Like the "I hate everyone" kind of stuff you should be used to by now.
I'm kind of tired of having to explain myself. Really, its my humour. People don't get it. The people who know me best know that I am not actually a slutty costume-wearing person. I actually don't hate everyone and I only sometimes pretend to be rood. Deep down, I love everyone.
Bleh. The end.

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