So It Begins... Again. But Don't Worry It's Not Too Depressing Of A Post

This was actually supposed to be a picture of
grandma and the grandkids in the background
but it ended up being a good one of my man.
Yesterday I started this post via my phone app about my feelings about David leaving for LDAC. But when you're on your computer apparently you can't see the phone posts. Whatever. I'll be using that site to stay updated. The LDAC one. You can too.  It's interesting because I don't remember much of what I was feeling yesterday (which is why I made the post). I'm feeling today: Sad

I'm actually super glad the time is finally here cause I always have a bit of anxiety up until he finally leaves. Do you realize he has left me for at least a month for the last 3 years? No big deal right?

This summer will be a different story. Nevie is in a different phase of life. One where she doesn't want to take naps and wants to follow me around like crazy. Like a crazy little puppy. It's endearing and also a little bit.... hard to do anything.

I'm also feeling annoyed. At the flies that have taken over my life. They aren't usually this bad until like July. So why are they crazy gross everywhere? It's like I live in a super dirty house. Oh wait, I do.

I also think it's because I have chickens. And kids. And food everywhere. Ew.

I'm sweaty. And have to go take care of kids. They are in the bath and only long enough for me to write this.

I have his address. Do you want to write him? Send him packages? I want you to. And he does too.

I'm thankful for everyone's support. I love ya all! SO much!

I actually need to write real quick about a person I am so grateful for lately. Her name is Caden (am I allowed to say that out loud?) Anyway, we met at the military ball only a few months ago and became instant friends. Her hubby was/is in the Army with David and we tease them all the time that we haven't met before recently. She's been a blessing. We're both going through this new Army life together and it's been nice to have her. Ugh. So lucky. She also happens to be beautiful so I feel thankful she is even my friend. Cause she's the popular girl at school. You know what I mean?



  1. I have all this love in my heart for you.

  2. So I read somewhere (and Ginnie is trying it out at her place) that hanging ziploc bags filled with water and 4 pennies in the sun keeps the flies away. Snopes calls it "undetermined" so maybe it's worth a shot. Seems the sunlight reflecting on the water annoys the flies and they go elsewhere. Who knows.

  3. A Month is a long time! You can do it! I love you. I'm here whenever you need.