The Incredible Sadness

I'm not sure of these lessons I keep having to learn.

I strained/sprained/tore a muscle in my back. I almost can't walk. I took Advil and laid on a heating pad and thus I am able to write this blog. lol. But really. Why do all the hard lessons have to be learned while David is gone?

Last summer I broke my foot and sprained the other one AND had kidney stone surgery and what-not.

A lesson in humility? How to ask for help? I don't know. But I don't like it. It doesn't help that I don't feel that well either. I'm trying to catch the symptoms before they turn into a full on cold/bronchitis. I've been using my oils. Have you?

I'm feeling REALLY sorry for myself today. I feel sad. That's pretty much what describes it. (Get ready for goober mushiness) I miss David. I miss talking to him. I don't feel complete without him. And usually, I'm much better than I am because at least I can talk to him and complain and tell him I love him and tell him I miss him and vent about how awful or wonderful the kids are. But not this month. No talking except via old school letters.

I sent him a package yesterday and a letter today. My friend said she wrote her husband every day so I'm gonna try and match her and do the same. Plus, it was quite therapeutic sitting down to write to him. I told him the good and the bad. I bet some of you would discourage me from writing the bad because it might distract him. But guess what? Shut up. lol.

Also, we are low on money funds and while that's not a big deal because we have what we need, it's frustrating because I can't go and do. I love going and doing. And I realize it doesn't cost money to go and do but it does cost gas! And that costs money. And it's also freakin' hard to go anywhere with kids. 3 of them.

Ugh. What's the positive in this? I don't see it yet.

I'm trying to plan for and look forward to a vacation with my friends and I'm not sure that's gonna happen. I have to wait. Wait to see if I will have the funds.

Boo. Do you feel bad for me yet?

In other news, Jackson lost his first tooth! I'm so excited and also very sad. This is the beginning of him growing up. I hate it.

Also, I was reading my journal the other day. An actual written one. And I had written about Sadie and some of her milestones at 1 year old. I don't know if I ever did a birthday post for Nevie. Did I? I can't remember. Anyway, her bottom 2 lateral incisors (that's right homies) have come in. That makes for 8 teeth total! She's also still scooting and not wanting to put weight on her feet. She's flexible as all get-out. And also, really cute. She smiles and laughs and dances and can talk! She does "more" in sign language and just learned to wave. She says "Go" and "thank you" and can mimic at least in baby sound other words we say. Love.

Facebook isn't working and I want to upload the pictures Shayna took of us. To Facebook. Because they are ridiculously cute.

I'm going to watch smutty TV.  Can you please send me money? I accept cash, credit cards and checks. Also money orders. lol.

 We made pasta with Caden. Actually, Caden made pasta with the kids. lol. She's amazing.



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