Why Multi-Level Marketing Is ________ For You

I have approximately 392 friends and 392 of them are involved in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). So if I have done the math correctly, I'm going to offend 392 people with my post. It's not directed at anyone specific, it's a letter to the masses. If your name starts with H or K, I'm not really talking to you.

Multi-level marketing is also known as a pyramid scheme.  Just go read that article. It's funny to me. A lot of MLM's will say that they are not like other MLM's. That article covers the "other" ones. Think about it though. There's always the person above you. If I could have gotten into one of these MLM's at the right time, I would be rich. I would be that person that you hear about. "The girl that's above me, well the one above her? She makes like $56000 a month".

My history with MLM's started at a young age. My mom did Mary Kay which claims it is not a MLM but it secretly is. I think she may have dabbled in Avon as well. I remember the drawers full of samples and priducts. In fact, I think we just recently removed them from the spot they took up for several years.

In college I sold Mark which is an Avon offspring. It was brand new when I did it. And I actually really like their products.

Sometime in college my sister and mom and others got involved in Arbonne which, again, I really like. I actually REALLY like Arbonne. Buy me some Arbonne. Please.

When we lived in PA, we had some friends who did Reliv. The thought of that stuff makes me throw up. I was pregnant with Jackson and was using their supplements at the insistence of said friends.

And the latest craze is essential oils YoungLiving and DoTerra are big ones. You probably know someone who sells them (me maybe?) If you don't, you probably know someone that sells Scentsy or LegalShield or even Primerica. What about Beachbody or Shakeology? You heard of those? I have.

The good thing about multi-level marketing is that it has the potential to make you a lot of money. There are a few requirements though:

1) You need at least 400 friends. 
2) You've gotta have at least $500 to invest in the product. Oh, but don't forget the $150 required spending per month on the product you're selling? 
3) And you really have to believe that your product is THE. BEST. PRODUCT. LIKE. EVER.
4) You've got to have your own "I Saw God" story.

So let me tell you a story. I freakin' love DoTerra oils. And I considered for a minute trying to do it as a business but got frustrated pretty much the next day. Because I get jealous and raging mad when someone I've introduced the product to, signs up under someone else. And that's stupid. Because the reason I like it so much is because it works for me. I've had so much success with the product and I want the same for other people. 

The end. Also, I hate when people oversell. I follow this girl on Instagram and ALL she posts about is her stupid product which costs a ridiculous amount of money. It's like she is trying to be normal but she is all supposedly being sneaky about her product placement. But it's completely obvious. I say, go big or go home. Or how about you create a separate account from your personal one so you don't look like a freakin' idiot.

Sorry. Sorry I'm rood. I don't mean it to be. It just comes across that way. I'm also riled up from hearing about this friend of mine who purchased a $1525 kit. No big deal. Oh wow. i have to go now. I'm about to freak out again.

Good luck in your multi-level marketing. I hope you are really successful at losing your friends and spending your money. Oh wow. See. Rood again.


  1. This is a very informative blog thanks for sharing the information. Your experience is really great and useful.


  2. Hmmm...you crack me up and I personally hate MLM, even if "God" himself was endorsing the product I would still say no. I'm stubborn like that. :)

  3. You are so funny. Glad you aren't talking to me because numbers 1 and 2 don't apply to my business. :)

    I hate MLM in theory too, but I do like the fact that it gives normal people the opportunity to have their own business with relatively little know-how and investment. So, I do think it's good for some people and I can see why businesses choose to do it that way instead of selling their products the "traditional" way.

    That said, it can be annoying as hell, and I'm glad I'm making new friends instead of losing them! lol