My eyes are still burning

My skin is hot thanks to the sun. It's fiery and tight and hard and hurting. Why doesn't it feel dry? It always feels like plastic for the first day. I feel sort of like a Barbie. Or maybe what someone with Botox feels like... if they were to get it in their arm. And chest. Okay, and my lips. Oooh and eyes. Ouch.

BelleMarie Designs came up with a "Wedding in a Week" today. It's actually a "Wedding in 3 days". But we did it. And BelleMarie is mostly just my good friend Tierra Belle and Me. Me Marie. So then I added our middle names together and it might be our future business. I hearby declare it copyrighted.

And it's not really finished yet. The wedding is tomorrow but we threw together a fabulous set up, tables, centerpieces, etc... all in one day afternoon. Again, we still have tomorrow. I can't wait to share pictures with you (Tracie... don't judge. lol). Mostly I'm just proud that we seriously got it together in this one day.

Our bride is super excited which makes this project all that much more exciting. It started out as something small and then sort of evolved into a "I'm inviting everyone on Facebook" event. So that's where we came in.

This will be perfect for our portfolio. The hostess of the event actually came up with the "Wedding in a Week" name. I like it. And I like Belle. Because she is whiter than me. lol. She actually burned less today. We'll see tomorrow though. At our yard sales, she took first place for most fried skin. But I think I won today. I'll save my love for her for another post though. I don't want to forget all the things we discovered we have in common though.

Here are a couple from today:
1) I think she likes curly fries just as much as I do.
2) We both have books/boxes full of souvenirs from our (seperate but around the same time) Nauvoo trips that we haven't put together (we don't have real souvenirs because we didn't have money so it's all the free crap gathered along the way... fliers and cards and brochures).
3) She speaks mumble and so do I. We get each other! It's really fun to watch people try and interpret what's going on when we get exactly what it is each of us is saying.

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