A Post About Eminem

I keep meaning for this blog to be my fluffy one but there's so many things I want my little world of people to know.


Ell Em En Oh P.

Okay so I haven't always been a fan of Slim Shady. But who didn't know the words to that song "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?" I remember making jokes about it in high school.

One of my most favorite performances can be found below. It's mostly edited. He does say the D word. And other words are implied but he edits them himself (it's live). If you have an extra 5 minutes, watch it. These are my 2 favorite songs.

Just in case you didn't hear them, here are some of the lyrics:
I'm not afraid to take a stand
Everybody come take my hand
We'll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just let you know that, you're not alone
Holla if you feel that you've been down the same road

Yeah, It's been a ride...
I guess I had to go to that place to get to this one
Now some of you might still be in that place
If you're trying to get out, just follow me
I'll get you there

And I just can't keep living this way

So starting today, I'm breaking out of this cage
I'm standing up, Imma face my demons
I'm manning up, Imma hold my ground
I've had enough, now I'm so fed up
Time to put my life back together right now

It was my decision to get clean, I did it for me
Admittedly I probably did it subliminally for you
So I could come back a brand new me, you helped see me through
And don't even realise what you did, believe me you
I been through the ringer, but they can do little to the middle finger
I think I got a tear in my eye, I feel like the king of
My world, haters can make like bees with no stingers, and drop dead
No more beef flingers, no more drama from now on, I promise
To focus soley on handling my responsibility's as a father
So I solemnly swear to always treat this roof like my daughters and raise it
You couldn't lift a single shingle on it
Cause the way I feel, I'm strong enough to go to the club
Or the corner pub and lift the whole liquor counter up
Cause I'm raising the bar, I shoot for the moon
But I'm too busy gazing at stars, I feel amazing and

I'm not afraid...

Anyway, my point in sharing this is to show that people can change! I chose Eminem and this performance because he is an extremely passionate artist. Whatever he writes/raps about, is always done with a lot of gumption and energy. I appreciate that (I also really like the drums in this performance). It probably seems really strange, but listening to this song really empowers me! I can change too!
And... With my post regarding music choices, I thought this might fit as well. :-)

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