Something Beautiful

I've said it before and I'll probably say it a million more times. I have this intense desire to write something beautiful. Not something disconnected and raw and uncombined. But something that flows and is descriptive. I have a couple people that I am lucky enough to know who write things so amazingly. One is here. Another can be found here. And another? Right here. And I know these people. Well I used to know them in real life and now I only know them through their writing which makes me lucky and them, well, great writers (and great people).

Maybe if I spent more time analyzing my choice of words or using Shift F7 or actually thinking about the words I'm writing I might get something beautiful out of these posts.

Maybe I could talk about something actually beautful. Like a blue sky or raindrops or the beach or a sunset or my kids faces when they sleep. Maybe then I would have a beautiful blog post.

What makes a post so wonderful? I would venture to say it's the choice of descriptive words but you know what? It's not even that. It's the way certain people write. It's like their words melt in your mouth.  Or like reading a published book. I love that. It makes me feel fancy.

Until I get there, I'll just keep writing. My way. :-)

Oh, and watch this video. Or listen to the song if you haven't heard it. It's not Eminem. Don't worry. :)
It's by NeedtoBreathe

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