My Best Friends are Doctors and Nurses. Are yours?

I don't always go to the hospital, but when I do it's usually for kidney stones. Sometimes it's for an occasional broken ankle leg, or maybe one of my kids has a piece of colored pencil stuck under her nail. Regardless, my best friends are the ones in the urology department at the Weiden Klinikum. 

My friends
As I sat in my wheelchair in the hallway waiting for my ultrasound, I looked up at the wall where the pictures of the staff are and I'm pretty sure I have met or talked to 90 percent of them. 

Julia is secretly my favorite. She also said I was her favorite patient. So there's that. I guess that means we are best friends. 

Werner put in my stent this time. He's super funny. When he was administering the anesthesia (that didn't work so well) he kept telling me to "Look at the Prince" which was him. lol. We're kind of in a fight though, because I feel like I was awake the whole time. Although looking back, I probably wasn't. I just remember waking up and crying and begging them to make the pain go away. They told me it would be a 20 minute procedure but it ended up being an hour and a half. I don't remember what happened after that. I'm gonna ask. 

What I'm really sad about is the newer doctor whose name I can't remember. He is so nice! I'm gonna go see if I can find his name on one of the pieces of many paper I have from the hospital. 

Jurgen did my x-ray with contrast that last time. He is also super funny and told me about a great place to go with my kids. 

Me and the Chief (one of them, there are two) are also not bff's. He doesn't spend enough time on our relationship. He only comes to see me in the mornings on check-out days. I don't think he appreciates our friendship. It's definitely a one way thing. 

My closest friends are all of the ones that do my in-house pants-down urine samples. Tanja is one. I can't remember the name of the one with the pretty eyelashes. (She uses a serum for them that costs 80 euros. It lasts for 3 months though.) They are the truest of friends. Because they've seen all of me. Literally. 

So as I sit here recovering from my 4 mm stone that tried to pass and got stuck 2 days ago and the one that is still in my kidney, I'm reminiscing about all of the good memories I have with my friends. I'm gonna miss them!  

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