Is This Normal?

Do the questions ever end? I was messaging a good friend of mine, telling her how I would love to have a day without questions. I told her how I escaped to my room today to avoid questions, but they still found me. Guess what I did in my room? I cleaned out my drawer. I posted to Facebook this post about a minimalist game. There's a few of us in on it right now. You give away/get rid of how ever many items correspond with the number of day it is in the month. Whoever lasts the longest, wins. I may even send something to the winner. What a great way to reward getting rid of stuff? With more stuff! lol.  Today is the 5th so I give away 5 items. It's really working out for me. I told my same friend I may need a coupla months to get my whole house done. 

 Before. Sent as proof. haha.

I love my kids. Am I doing the right thing homeschooling? I don't know. I question it a lot. I also question my sanity. It's good for us though. I do envy parents with kids in school sometimes and then in the same day feel thankful when those same parents experience sad/frustrating things with school stuff. 

I had a lunch today with a few friends. We ordered takeout Greek food from a local restaurant and I am super disappointed. In fact, I felt a little angry because the portions in comparison to the prices, were ridiculous. I'm not even being my exaggerating self when I say that this soup we ordered was about 1/4 cup. They put it in this huge tin too. It was suuuuppppper lame. My friend got a salad and paid 9 euro for it and it was the size of a side salad. Bummer deal. I told my friend my favorite part of the lunch was the diet Dr. Pepper she gave me. Haha. 

So what do you think I should do about my life? I am super passionate about a few things. I don't feel like i have the voice for it right now. And I can't seem to focus on just one thing. So then I just shy away from it all because it's all so random and crazy, just like this post. 

I'm frustrated with Army life right now. I see David for about 20 minutes a day on average. I'm hoping it will let up soon. Hahahah. That's a funny joke right? I'm grateful for the opportunity to be part of a unit that is so active, because it means more job satisfaction for David, but it's also frustrating for the families of these busy men. 

Life is funny that way. The grass is always greener right? 

Onto more boring stuff. 

Jackson lost a tooth the other day. He lost it from his mouth and he lost it from his pocket. The tooth fairy hasn't visited because she is lazy. I think he needs to write the tooth fairy a letter before she will deliver. That's the rule right? Yeah. I'm going with that. Does the tooth fairy come to your house? 

He is also starting to ask questions about birds and bees stuff. So I bought this book called, "What's Biology all about? And there's a section on reproduction. It says something about how a man "pushes his penis into a woman's vagina". It makes me feel really awkward. Isn't there a better term than "pushes"?  I think I'd rather explain it to him on our own before he reads that. Because I would be terrified of that if I were a kid. How did you find out about the birds and the bees? I really want to be open about these types of things. I just don't think I'm ready for it. Haha. I know, me? I have another book called, "Questions kids ask about Sex". Guess I better pull that out. Pun intended. 

I think I'm done with being boring. Here's some pictures. 

Kaydence and Sadie love! 


Birthday boy! 
Maxxy's spread 

She loves her hair curled! 

She also loves puzzles. Thanks Grandma! 

I love these ladies! 

The sun is starting to come out more!!! 

Oh yeah, I made slash redid this!