A Super Not Regular Day in March

There was this meme video on Facebook that I didn't get to watch because it was late at night when I scrolled by it, and was in bed, and my volume was way up. So you can imagine my surprise when it was SO loud. I had to shut if off. Anyway, it was a video demonstrating the difference between 50 degrees in March versus 50 degrees in November. Totally describes this day!

Got up early to go to the flea market. The first one of the season! I had my friend Dana with me and i made her do all my bidding/haggling for me because she speaks the German! She's a good one.

Not pictured: leggins for Sadie, and a truffle stand 

David took the kids on a walk with the neighbors (We love the Mannings!) and I stayed home to be alone. I got basic and laid out on the trampoline and freaking soaked up that sun! My ankle leg is doing well thanks for asking. I still think about it a lot. I also told David I'm having phantom pains. Haha. He asked if I was an amputee. I am not, but you know what I mean right? Like where I'm not sure if there is real pain or if my brain/body is just making it up. 

basic photo

The blue sky in March. It's amazing. 
After Chelsi got back from the walk, we decided to go downtown for the Mittefastenmarkt in Weiden which, from my research is a celebration of sorts, of it being the middle of Lent. It was by far the biggest market I have been to but I also missed out on all the Christmas markets this last year. Can I please talk about the Pakistanian I met there? I stopped at a cheap purse stand and the salesman was making small talk. He asked where I was from and I of course said I was from The U.K. Oh wait. Anyway, I then asked where he was from and he told me he lived here but was from Pakistan. He told me his house got blown up. I mean, he even made gestures with his hands. It was intense and I felt awkward. What does one say to that? It was terribly sad and I felt bad so I said sorry. Ha. and then I called Chelsi to meet up.

I freaking LOVE Weiden. It's SO picturesque like all the time! 

The lines for ALL of the gelato places were SO long! People want their first Eis of the season! 

They've been working on this for awhile. Finally there aren't rafters everywhere. It's so pretty! 

Anyway, this was a particularly amazing day. I felt like a new person with all of the sunshine. I kept checking my phone, swearing the weather on the screen was wrong. Because 50 degrees in March really  feels like 80. 

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  1. Um.... BEAUTIFUL pics of Weiden!

    PS - I love the Blacklist. Great show :)