All The Beautiful Things

This weekend was so good! I know it's all about the love and things like that. But it's also about so much more!

I remember when I first got here. I cried for like 3 days straight I think. Then I was in honeymoon phase and loved it for awhile. Then I hated it for awhile. But now I love it. I never want to leave. Even in this dreary winter, there are rays of hope. And actual rays of sunshine. Like there was on Monday. I'm pretty sure everyone came out of their caves. Seriously. I saw a bunch of my neighbors whom I haven't seen in 3 months. Honestly. 3 months. At least.

We took Riah and Ian downtown to Weiden 

When Chelsi and I went to meet our friends we felt like it was Christmas Day. Honestly we were waiting like Santa was coming. And when we saw them we freaked out. It was joy.

We had a spaghetti dinner around our table. It was so cheesy and awesome. We didn't use place mats or napkins or knives. But it was so unreal. Because there were 10 of us in our house that night. My heart, belly and house were full! It was so beautiful! We let the kids make chocolate covered strawberries. Do you see the joy on their faces? It's so apparent to me.

Reunited again after almost a year! They are all besties! 

We stayed up entirely too late especially because they were 3 days into jet lag. They had their first German beer while they were here. I'm no expert but thankfully we have someone who is around these parts. :-)

So then they left the next day but came back the next weekend. And we had more fun. Much of which I didn't get pictures of. Like when we played a game similar to Apples to Apples and I won! Or when we got a crap ton of Indian food and ate it all. Well most all of it. And then the next day got more.

She almost fell over. Haha.
She LOVES Ian. 
It was good to have my soul filled. 

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