What We Thought of that New Movie

You've heard the hype, you've probably seen an ad or two in your newsfeed. You've heard the drama about this movie. The New York Times says the film ",,,displays enough nutty writing and sheer brio to confirm the stamina of its enduring and skillfully voiced characters." We figured since it is Valentines Day we should go see something appropriate to the holiday. So we went and we watched the new Spongebob movie.

I kind of secretly hate this holiday because it offends my crunchy granola heart but then I ALWAYS give in the commercialism. Even when I'm in one of  the least commercial (it seems) country. I totally bought presents for the people in my house. But they weren't heart shaped chocolates or pink. Wait, yes some of them were. But anyway, I did put thought into them. Does that count? And I also was on the receiving end. David and the kids made me the most adorable card I've ever experienced. I promise. He went through the effort of buying two different kinds of paper (one of them was gold!) and they freaking cut hearts out of the red paper. They glued it, they colored it, they wrote in it, and my heart is so full. Nevermind the candy and the flowers... which are also awesome, it's totally the thought that counts. David was telling me tonight that he told Jackson not to draw "boy hearts". And Jackson wondered what those were. So he told Jackson and Sadie both to draw a heart and after that it was pretty clear what a boy heart is.

So then we just spent the day together. We were planning on having a grand adventure and were thinking the train, an overnight stay somewhere, etc. We took an exceptionally long time getting ready and by the time we left, we were tired. So we decided to surprise the kids with the movie! They were thrilled and we were relieved. After that we drove up to Parkstein (my new favorite place) and took in the awesome albeit cold view. The sun was shining and the sky was a pinkish purple for a minute. It reminded me of Paulden America and although my hands were freezing, my soul was warm. I take for granted spending time with my little family. We don't get a lot of time together because there are always things happening. And even when we are altogether, it's never for very long. So this extended moment was really great.

We came home and Chelsi graciously offered to keep the kids while we went to eat. We drove across the street to a "Mexican" restaurant. I apologize my dear Germans for the quotes. You don't deserve it, but you kind of do. As an Arizonan, I'm afraid you don't know how to do Mexican. However, you tried!

We had Nachos Supreme. They were basically spicy Doritos, with 4! different! dips! There was the mayo (yes mayo), sour cream, cold cheese, and I think it was supposed to be guacamole but the only taste I could recognize was green chiles and it was green! However, the redeeming food was the flautas? They totally reminded me of Taco Time's crunchy burritos. You know what I'm talking about! They were actually really yummy even if the salsa and sour cream were garnished with peas. Honestly, we will go back just for those.

The night ended with a lovely series of television events. We watched The 100, American Idol, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. We haven't finished our other Thursday night shows so don't tell me! What did you do for this day? I would call ours a great success!

P.S. Another great success was i got to wear my birthday Tom's today! Yay! My ankleleg wasn't too swollen so I got to wear them in a bit. It's the little things right? 


  1. The dinner sounds kinda gross and yet it made me a little hungry. lol

    1. Ha! when you are hungry, anything sounds good. And also, it really was good. Just different!