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Thoughtful Fill-in-the-Blank Valentines Day Printable

Thursday, February 12, 2015
I wanted something different for Valentines Day. Something thoughtful and non-commercial. Well that, and we live in Germany where selection is limited. I should totally buy German Valentines. Do they do that?  And add in the fact that I haven't seen the outside world in a few days. But we also don't need a box of 32 Valentines when we are a Homeschooling family of 5. So I made my own for da kids! 

Anyway, I'm pretty proud of my work. I can't take credit for the images which were found at various free coloring page sites that I did not save. I will try and find them again to credit.

This is Sadie's Monster High Valentine: 

Here's a downloadable version if you too want a cheap and free Valentine! 

 They were printed on a regular 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper. They each colored and filled them out all by themselves minus help with spelling. :-)

This is Jackson's Minecraft Valentine:


Here's a downloadable version of Jackson's Valentine! 

I feel like a weirdo doing crafty things but I want to share the love! Thanks for humoring my by reading and seeing this! 

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