Open House Time!

Our friend and good neighbor Aaron is leaving on his mission soon! His mom asked us to help out with his open house and since party planning stuff is my favorite thing to do, I said yes! I said yes to the dress. Just kidding.

Anyway, he is going to Spain! Can you believe it? For those of you in the states, that's forever away and for us here in Germany, that's forever away! Ha. It's closer though. Like, we don't have to travel over an ocean to Spain.

We have been practicing our lisp with him and I asked if he would please write me when he gets it down. Barthelona is where he is headed. Did you say it right? Barth. Also, while we were decorating, we were brainstorming ideas for a business name for me.  One of the ones he came up with included the word sparkle. haha. We are going to miss him!

Enough talking, here are some pictures.

First, this is the invite:

*names have been changed to protect the innocent. lol
We had a mini photo booth asking people to make their best Aaron face. Because he is hilarious with his faces. As shown in the picture below. 

 These were in the entry way for people to take when they left. The postcards have his information on them.

We did an "Open When" for him. I am super excited for when he gets to open them. This was probably my favorite part aside from the cake and the slide show and the food and the drinks and the people. lol. 

 The slide show almost playing. He uses Apple stuff so... ;-)

 Food and Cake and Drinks Oh My!

So that's pretty much it! My pictures are crappy cell phone pictures. I wish I would have taken more of people with my phone but I snatched up Krysta's camera and took some (have you looked at them yet Krysta? lol). In the meantime, Adios Aaron! We love you!  

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