Why You Can't Sit With Us

About 6 times a day I have this desire to write something awesome, something that will BREAK THE INTERNET. Is that even the right phrase? I want to do What Kim Kardashian didn't. Something about vaccines! or yoga pants! Or Kanye! or valentines day!

Instead I will just tell you about my bout with this cold that is going around. I can't hear, I can't smell, I can't taste and I can't breathe. Its awesome!  I have tried all the things. Oils and nasal spray and cough medicine and cough drops and fresh air and I'm still not better. I am a little teeny bit over it. Well a lot. I blame Nevie. She had it first. Poor thing. Only she had croup. Also, I'd like to insert here that Jackson had Pertussis even though he was vaccinated. It was awhile ago, don't worry. Also, croup is different than Pertussis. Did you know that? It's taking every thing I have in my to not say what I want to say about vaccines. So I will totally write a post about it. I think you'll be surprised at what I have to say. It's not what you think. Anyway, you can't sit with me because I'm sick.

I officially booked tickets for 3 friends and I to go see T Swift in Cologne. I know. I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing her before my friends in the states will. Europe is so ahead. Haha. Get it? Cause we are in the sense of time?

Also, my 2 bff's are on their way here right now. Like to my country. And I am so excited. Aside from my blood family, these people are my family. I last heard at 8 this morning that they were boarding their last flight to Germany! Yay! I can't wait for you to meet them.

Did you know All The TeeVee has started again? I'm super happy that too. My timehop's from the last few days, over the last few years have been filled with posts about T.V.. Usually The Bachelor.  But Scandal is on, and so is Grey's, and so is State of Affairs. For a sicky like me, it's something to look forward to!


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  1. I think of awesome blog posts all of the time, when I am nowhere near a computer, and then by the time I get to one I have no idea what I wanted to write about. I really need to start carrying a notebook or tape recorder with me. I hope you get to feeling better soon.