Trendy Things of 2014 (March Edition)

You know how I have that thing over there ---------> where it says labels? Or maybe it's down there (except I don't know how to make a down arrow). It's what I'm loathing and or loving. I've decided to do a post today about that. But it's mostly just things I'm loving.

This Song:
I wish I could claim it. But I saw it on a popular TV show I was watching. And then I immediately went and bought his EP which doesn't have this song but has really good other ones.

This Product:
My sisters got me some for my birthday along with the regular Moroccan Oil. And it's freaking awesome. It's the best product I've ever had for my hair.


This Color Combo:
This is via Pinterest but I don't know how to show the Pin. lol. Do you think this could be a timeless color combo? The peach and mint? I'm not sure. But I LOVE it!

This Oil:
This Couch:
Have you seen/heard of these? You can move them around 100 different ways. This fits my personality so well because I get tired of the same thing after awhile. So switching my couch up sounds SO fun! Check out the Love Sac Sactional site. It's worth a look. And worth the dream!
That's all. It's not actually a lot of trendy things. I just pretend. haha. Can you tell me where to get a reasonably priced couch that is comfy and made well? We need one. Somehow I can't justify 5 grand on a couch right now (that's what THAT configuration of a  Sactional would cost). Help!

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