That Awkward Moment When: The Fair Version

What's Fair?
The other day I was retelling the very great story of The Fair to my sister. I'm SURE she's heard it before but it's always fun to tell again. And again. And again. I'm pretty sure I've even told this story before on this blog. BUT if not, you're in for a treat. It's THE story. Pretty much one that never gets old.

It was a cool summer evening. It was the Friday at the county fair in Prescott when it used to be over on, fancy that, Fair Street. I wanted to wear my good shoes but hated what those dusty grounds did to them. I dressed for the occasion though because everyone knows the fair is a parentally legit time to be with the guy/girl you like. We were in a group, which we always were and in line for the Ferris wheel. David, in the midst of his emo days, made a point of saying to me, "All I wanna do is ride the Ferris wheel with you." I'm sorry, but I'm cracking up even as I write this. I'm sorry love. Anyway, I didn't super like him at this time and therefore so slyly, or so I thought, moseyed on up the line to where the guy I liked was waiting in line. It happened to be his best friend Karl*. He was near the front so without looking back, we got on. It worked out that David was two or three people away and close to my best friend Tina*. They got on together.

Here's the real kicker though.

He. Held. Her. Hand.

Now, even though I was with the guy I liked, on the most romantic ride at the fair (lol) I did not hold his hand because I'm not an idiot. I'm not saying David was an idiot, but remember the motion of that giant wheel? How even if you're above a person at one time, you won't always be? Because the thing moves in a circle. So I saw them. And I wasn't actually upset about it! I was really happy for them but also laughing inside just a little. Because of the comment from before.

Ahhhh the life of a teenager. Being in love, hating the same person, indecisiveness, easily forgiving, unknowing, hopeful, sad, happy, angry, happy, in love, sad, and all in one day.

I don't remember what happened after except that I got to wear Karl's sweatshirt for the night and I was really happy about that.

Thus begins and ends the Fair story. Except it's not the end. It was only the beginning. David wrote a song about it and I even have the original handwritten lyrics tucked away in a journal somewhere. which probably means I have an entry for that night. Ooooohhhh I'm so going to the garage for that.

We STILL talk about this night. It's up to him to post his side of it. A challenge for him maybe? We all know he is a great writer/storyteller and I, along with you I'm sure, would love to hear his version of the story.

Who knew, only 6-7 years later we would be married? That's craziness.

And don't worry, we've ridden the Ferris wheel together since. :-)

-------- Read The Comment! He already responded. And it's SO great. I'm sorry my comment box situation is SO lame. I'll try and fix it.---------

*names have been changed because the people involved and/or their spouses read this blog I think.


  1. So....the Fair. Yes, I remember that night well. All the lights and teenage banter. And, after a careful examination of your post, I have to say: you are not being fair! Just a few years earlier,(that night on the grass at the church) I fell desperately in love with you. Ok, that's overdoing it. What I actually felt was, "holy...who is that angel with crusty bangs sitting outside my church building!" Yes, love. It was love.

    haha...crusty bangs. Anyway, I was very much a man of many emotions. You may call me "emo" if you like. I like to think of myself as cultured...and complex...sort of honorable, like a knight, or samurai warrior.

    Oh yeah, and I knew it was something more than Karl** It was the dang sweater wasn't it! I should have warn a sweater that night instead of my hoodie...underneath my T-shirt.

    Whatever, the point here is you gave me the head nod. Yes, you did. Don't lie. "All I wanna do is ride the Ferris Wheel with you." So poetic, so heroic. It freakn' rhymes! Which means I'm a genius. And you gave me the head nod!

    Then my life-force began to drain from my body as I watched you creep ever so slightly toward Karl, my best friend and worst enemy. He was so charismatic! Him and his brown hair and hand holding skills...discreetly using pillows as obstacles to my prying eyes.

    So there I was, my inner peace and potential shattered, standing there in my hoodie...and T-shirt. And then, the light turned on.

    REVENGE! I will show YOU who is in charge of, it wasn't like that at all. It was more like: you stole my soul and so my soulless existence desired to have company. I liked her too. Kind of like horses need a place to lay down--except when they sleep on their feet. Not sure what that analogy means.

    In the end, I have one thing to say: I WON! I freakn' won! I won, I won, I won. See, no matter how horses play into the picture, I need you like a glove needs its pair. I need you like a candle needs its flame. I need you because, crusty bangs and all, you are the v-e to my l-o. I need you. I love you...and I won...I won!

  2. Oh heavens you both crack me up!!

  3. Oh heavens you both crack me up!!