Today is a bad day. It was supposed to be a really good day. Everything was planned and amazing. Then it all went to crap.

Number one, I went to bed really early. As in two in the morning early. I was up talking to two of my favorite people. It was great. Except my phone was plugged into the wall and I had to have weird arm in order to be on the phone. So now I have a kink in my neck. Crick? Do some of you say crick? lol.

Number two, I had great plans to get my haircut. I had a babysitter, and all was good. I was going to leave at 11. Well at exactly 10:59 a.m. I got a text from my babysitter saying she had to go somewhere "real quick" and that she's be right back. I didn't hear from her again until 1 p.m.  THANKFULLY I have a mother-in-law who was gracious enough to take the kids so I could still make it to my appointment, even if I was a little bit late.

Number three, I didn't get to do anything I had in mind to do today. Which is definitely okay because that's life. It's just a tiny bit sad.

Nymber four, I accomplished a goal today! I set a goal to send out a package. And even though it took me an entire day and half, it was officially sent today. It feels real good. I'm probably gonna put the receipt in my Smashbook. It's not a big deal to send a package, but it was a big deal because I've had good intentions of doing this for oh, a couple weeks now.

Number five, I'm afraid of my house burning down. My dryer is making weird noises and it smells funny. Do dryers emit chemicals? Because I hopped up on the dryer to take a peek behind it and I took a giant whiff of something that hurt my lungs. Awesome.

Number six, David doesn't get to do hometown recruiting. Which means he will either have to choose to use the leave he doesn't have, or we go back to Sierra Vista the day after Christmas. This was not the news I wanted to get after the day I've had so far. I pretty much just want to break down and scream. I almost did.

Number seven, I have this craving for reading. I want to read a really good book. I want to read Patricia Cornwell but I can't find the next book in the series. I have them all so I should have it somewhere. I just don't know where it is. I just finished reading Divergent by Veronica Roth. I highly recommend it. Although it is considered Young Adult, I felt like it was more adult. lol. Is that a category?

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