My 30th Birthday

I said to the kids, "how old am I?"  "You're thirty?" Jackson said. Sadie: "Yeah, that's why we got a three and a zero." Jackson, "I guess it's time to say that the candles we got light back on fire. Don't tell Daddy I told you. I'm serious okay? Cause then he'll be mad at me I think."

That's what my birthday consisted of. Happy times spent with 3 kiddos and candles that wouldn't blow out. They're Jacksons favorite.

I slept in till 7:45 a.m. and then hung out in our hotel home. I received some gorgeous flowers. Delivered to my door.

I used to not appreciate flowers. I used to think they were such a waste of money. That was back when I would have rather spent money on shampoo and conditioner. It's the same now, but I'm somewhat desperate for thoughtful things. And that's what they were. thoughtful. And beautiful. Daisies and a rose and pine. It was a wonderfully winter spring happiness bouquet, In a vase that I get to keep! I think that's secretly my favorite part. lol.

Then David showed up at the door with Starbucks and we went to lunch. I chose Panda Express. It was a bad idea. Because I maybe had some issues after we got back. I won't go into detail about that because it's gross. Now you're already thinking about it. Sorry. Anyway, I felt sick pretty much the rest of the day. I didn't even finish my Starbucks. It went in the fridge after David showed up because I like to save it for my midday snack,

David got home early and because I was so sick, I was desperate for a smoothie. Like a delicious Robeks smoothie. Nah. They don't have anything like that here .So I settled for Cold Stone. hahaha. Not even the same thing. Because I didn't even get a smoothie, I got a shake. It did the trick though! I felt better.

We had a cake when we got home. Yes, with the unblowoutable candles. It was fun. David had to put them out pretty quickly. we were both afraid that the fire alarms in the hotel would go off. He said he totally wouldn't claim it if they did. I agreed.

A couple days ago I got this computer I'm typing on right in this instant. It was my birthday present. I named it LisasFabTab. Cause its' got a keyboard, but the screen detaches and becomes a tablet. I don't even use my mouse because I can just touch the screen. It's fancy.

I decided to do in this blog post, 30 things. I was going to try and do one memory/unnecessary fact per year of my life. But I barely remember that. So I'll just write whatever the crap I want. And I'm really doing it for posterities sake. Sorry you have to read it. Skip it if you want to.

A Timeline of Events Not on Facebook
  1. I was a giant baby. 
  2. I have giant babies. A 9lb 3 ouncer, An 8lb 7 ouncer, and a 9lb 1 ouncer. Hueff.
  3. I've had chicken pox. Its one of the few memories I have as a child
  4. At the tender age of 5, I cried when people found out my dad smoked. I lived in Utah at the time. Enuff said. Right?
  5. We lived in the same trailer park in Utah as some family friends who we would live next to 15 years later in Arizona. They introduced my mom to my stepdad. And me to a friend who changed my life!
  6. If I could read all day long, every day, I totally would. You might call it an obsession. I'm not well read though. I just read what I like. This started in 3rd grade with Mrs. Peterson and her reading road.
  7. It was around this age I moved from our single wide trailer park house, to a 3 story home. Mom, how did that happen?
  8. That day, my sisters and I met our soon-to-be best friends.
  9. My sister dared me to punch that best friend in the stomach and run away. I think I did it.
  10. My sisters and I started our own library. It was in our room and it cost $.10 to rent a book.
  11. We moved to AZ when I was 11ish. That summer holds record temperatures.
  12. I used to babysit for my 5th grade teacher. Looking back, he may have been a chomo. lol.
  13. I tried out for the cheer team in Mesa. And made it. I would have been going into 9th grade. We moved that summer to Paulden AZ. I was pissed.
  14. BUT! We made it a big deal to get in touch with the coach at the high school. I tried out and got to be captain for I think the Freshmen team. I cheered at a Varsity game that fall with another JV girl when there was only 1 varsity girl who could cheer.
  15. I met David while I was sitting on the grass at the church with my good friend Savanna. I don't remember it.
  16. I do remember however, swearing I would never date him. HAHA!
  17. I took a trek across the United States with him and his family in the summer of 2002. We kissed in every state. Holy cow. Don't tell his parents! Sorry mom and dad!
  18. My assigned roommate at NAU my freshmen year became one of my best friends. I still call her my roommate. There shall never be any other roommate.
  19. I have a Bachelors Degree
  20. David proposed 5 months after he got home from his mission. We were married 3 months later. But remember, this had been a long time coming.
  21. It was a year to-the-day later that my dad died. We picked the day before as his day of death because we aren't sure when it happened, and because I didn't want it to be on my anniversary.
  22. We moved to Pennsylvania and lived in the apartment below the one where David spent 10 months of his mission.
  23. My mom, dad and sister came to visit and it was during that time I found out I was pregnant. I had no idea. My mom is the one who suggested I take a pregnancy test.
  24. Blogging became an integral part of my life around this time. I just got my freakin' blogs back from Myspace.
  25. I'm starting to get wordy. But this is fun.
  26. My friend Jaime, whom I met in college through my roommate (see #18) lived in NY at Fort Drum. I went to visit her because she was a mere few hours away. We were both pregnant at the same time.
  27. We moved back to AZ and had a neighbor whose dog hated everyone. Except Jackson. She would let Jackson get right up in her face.
  28. Sadie and Jackson are 17 months apart. I was lucky enough to have most my sisters present at her birth.
  29. All my babies have been born rather quickly. Nevie included. I'm lucky. Genevieve wasn't even in our list of ideas for names. But we just knew.
  30. This year has been more of an adventure than any other so far. By far one of the most challenging for me personally. David graduating, David gone for a month, then home, then gone. Living in a hotel, living at home, and turning 30! All crazy.
Did you make it this far? I totally think everyone should do this. A loose timeline of events for your life. It was really fun! I challenge you my readers, to do the same. Please? Do it for me? For my birthday? ;-)


  1. Roommate!! I seriously love you forever. There will always be only one roommate for me too :)

    Your blog is the coolest. Also, happy birthday!

  2. Wonderful timeline Lisa. I honor you with your life. I love your blog. I have one but I need to get back to blogging. Mine is about parenting. That is what my dissertation for my PhD is on. "Grace based Parenting". You have inspired me to get back to my blog!,