I'm Coming Out...As A SmartVax Parent (again)

I read an entire book today.  Staying on top of the trend here. Now don't count me out just because I am of a differing opinion. I'm going to try my best to not come across as an "ultra-crunchy, ultra-conservative" as this author so thoughtfully stereotyped us people who aren't blind followers.
I'm in the middle. No, I was in the middle before I read this book.  Now I'm leaning toward more versus less vaccines. I know right? My entire argument is this: Be educated. GET educated. Whatever your decision.

I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to do more thorough and thoughtful research so I won't claim to be an expert but ill tell you what I do know: It is such a personal decision. Please make an educated one.That's all I really care about. Why don't more parents? 

You will notice that I advocate for an alternative/individualized vaccination schedule which is in part stemming from an approach called SmartVax. "SmartVax is the philosophy of taking a balanced, scientific, and safe approach to vaccination." Most doctors offices follow the "Max-Vax" approach, which maximises the number of vaccines given, at the youngest age possible. Also, a giant misconception which I'm sure you're thinking in your head right now is that because I'm questioning this max-vax approach, that I'm anti-vax. It's not true.

Here is the schedule that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends: 
Birth - Hep B
1 month - Hep B
2 months - DTaP, HIB, Pc, Rotavirus, Polio
4 months - DTaP HIB, Pc, Rotavirus, Polio
6 months - DTaP, HIB, Pc, Rotavirus, Hep B, Flu (2 doses)
1 year - MMR, Chickenpox, Hep A
15 months - HIB, Pc
18 months - DTaP, Polio, Hep A, Flu (if in season)
2 years - Flu vaccine every year hereafter through 18 years
5 years - DTaP, Polio, MMR, Flu
11-12 years - Tdap, Meningococcal, HPV
16 years – Meningococcal booster

Here is the schedule that I'm gonna follow:

Just kidding. Its not done. But here is one that the SmartVax people have created, and which I just found and am sad I didn't find before.  This will and SHOULD be different for each child. If you look at each of my kids' shot records and they are vastly different. Jackson was current in shots until I decided I, as the parent of my very own child, should in fact NOT listen to what someone who is NOT Jackson's parent, tell me what to do.  Sadie too had several and Nevie has hardly any. HOWEVER,  that's going to change. And its in the process of doing so. I've taken notes and I've created an Excel sheet. Lol. Its proving to be a lot more time consuming than I ever imagined. Nevie and I just went to the doctor and I received a list of manufacterers of the vaccines my doctors office uses. 

Let me reiterate my point here. Be educated people! Some information is out there and available! Take the time to look at it. But also be aware that every. single. kid is different.  

For example, Nevie is past the point of concern for many of the diseases we vaccinate against, but she's right in the time frame for others. Therefore, I'm going to get those ones now and get the others later (or never) because I haven't decided whether or not I believe in herd immunity. See. I still need to do more research. Think about this: Nevie did not go to daycare and is still breastfed. She is not going to need the same vaccines like a child who is in daycare might. A child in daycare is much more likely to get something like Rotavirus or Pneumococcal Conjugat. It says right on the CDC website who's at a high risk for getting such diseases. It's not her.

I have a sister in law who has kids who have severe reactions with their immunizations.  She still chooses to vaccinate but I would love for scholars and researchers to put the vaccine ingredients to test. Find out why these reactions occur. I realize that more and more studies are being done and I'm thankful. This post lists 22 medical studies that show a possible link between autism and vaccines (It's non one-sided). Keep in mind that the whole autism-vaccine debate started based on ONE study of ONE vaccine (the MMR I think) . Holy cow. There are 6 more vaccines that babies get before they are 1 year old that have not been tested thoroughly. Just saying.

Can someone please go and do their Masters or Doctorate thesis on this stuff? Maybe I will. Lol.


  1. Thank you for really researching and not just listening to one side or the other. But I can assure herd immunity is a real thing. Look up the accounts of pertussis in pockets of the country where anti-vaxxers are most prevelent like Sedona - which geographically isn't that far from you. Your kids could possibly associate with unvaxxed yet infected kids in any number of ways. At the grocery or the park, at school events or church. Kids are naturally social.

  2. spellwight,

    The entire premise that pertussis vaccine stops the spread of pertussis is dead WRONG. Vaccinated children do continue to spread the disease. Therefore "Pockets of anti-vaxxers causing outbreaks" is just a myth as far as I am concerned. Read the research paper here: