Orders From Above

Its taken 8 3.5 years to get from here to there.

The Army isn't for everyone.  Although... funny story.  You know how when you are Mormon they have all of these books you can read about getting to know your partner before getting married? Well, we got one and we filled it out. A little. Take a look at this gem:

Haha! How naive we were right? And what a testament to how little we knew (and still know) and how things can change! Hilarious.  David said, what if we could look back 5 years and see our future as it will be soon? I wouldn't have believed it. 

Because guess what? We are going to Italy.
I know! This guy: 

As his wife, I know that I have been an integral part of this coming to fruition. The attention-seeker in me finds it hard to be that, the support system. The introvert part of me loves however, that I don't have to deal with all of the commotion this will cause/has caused. I mean, telling my family was the most ridiculous thing ever. I didn't get a single excited response from any of them. Except maybe Cheln. 

What will Italy be like? I'm totally excited and completely freaked out. Normal right?

I would like to mention that I feel so completely blessed. Whats that blog called where they make fun of that saying? Oh yeah. Seriously So Blessed. But for real. I mean, who gets paid to go to Italy? We do. Who gets to live out their dreams of international living?  I mean, growing up as an American we learn about the boot country. We write reports,  we draw the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But who goes there? Who lives there? Awesome. I know the Lord has a hand in this and I am thankful.  

So, let me fill you in on what I know. 


Okay, well I know that I think we leave May 9th. Haha! I know that Vicenza is a city 30 mins from Venice and 2 hours from Milan. Haha. cool right? I know that the Army base there is relatively new and therefore there is no on post housing. This scared the crap out of me the most. Because in my mind I was thinking about how I would just live in Italy among many Americans on an American base. Haha. Nope. BUT! It's so much better this way. 

That's all I know for know. I'll keep you updated as I gather more intel. Get it? Fancy.

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