Fasting, And The Concept Of

So on the first Sunday of the month, people that are of the LDS faith participate in what's called a fast. We go without food or drink for up to 24 hours. We then donate the money that we would have spent on that food and the church uses it to help out those who are in need.

The concept of fasting comes from times of old. Moses fasted for 40 days and 40 nights, so did Christ. There are so many religions today that still fast, and usually for a purpose. It brings one closer to God. We fast to bless those who are sick, to get personal revelation, to get guidance, become more humble, etc.

Because I'm breastfeeding, I don't usually fast from food. But my good friend Hannah gave me the idea to fast from other things I might normally do on a regular basis. For me, this is social media. Isn't that sad? However, having done this a few times I've realized how addicted I am to such things. And it's hard. Probably just as hard as it is to go without food. lol. But for real.

Anyway, I really feel like fasting makes me more aware. It makes me more aware of things I might not even think twice about.

When my mom has something to remember, she puts a piece of jewelry on the wrong finger/wrist because it's not normal and when she looks at it, she's reminded to do or get the thing she didn't want to forget. For me, that's kind of what I liken fasting to. Going without food and Facebook (lol) helps remind me of important things I might have temporarily forgotten. I remember talking to my sister about certain principles of the Gospel that are not just LDS principles, they're universal laws. I feel like fasting could be one of them.  As I studied a little on the topic of fasting i was surprised at the amount and intensity to which so many cultures practice fasting today (lent anyone?). There are cultures all around the world who still practice the fast which leads me to believe that it could benefit people of all backgrounds. There are health benefits too!

For me fasting makes me feel more authentic, more grounded. Does that make sense? I was talking to David about it and he said that he feels this way when he runs. He is so thirsty, so in need of energy that he's able to step back and really feel in tune with himself and his surroundings. That's how I feel when I fast. 

I have this goal in life right now to surround myself with authenticity in all forms. I have much to say on the topic but until then I'm curious to know what makes you refocus? What helps you to see what you want to do different?

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  1. I agree with you, Lisa. I also do media fasts because of breastfeeding. I fast from everything except church related content. Like music, and When I need to refocus, I write in my journal. This happens especially when I am working through something hard. And I use the good ol'fashioned pen and paper to do it. I write slow enough that it helps me think through things as I write. And I also stay away from facebook. Many times, I'll ignore news, email, and social media and enter "my own little world" to help me focus. I do things to switch it up a bit. If I'm stressed, I take myself out to lunch the next time I go to town. Sometimes I'll try to time it so I can go alone and get the thinking time I need (alone always includes the baby because I'm her food source). I like anything spiritual or uplifting and avoid anything media-wise that isn't that. No movies or 'regular' music. Just the spiritual and uplifting stuff. This is what I do.