Imagine Dragons

I wish I would get up and blog when I write my good stuff which is right when I'm going to sleep. Oh well.

Their whole effin album is superb. No joke. It's worth the purchase.

This not-even-two weeks has been so hard. It reminds me of the two years David was gone on his mission and we only had letters and e-mail to communicate. Except we don't even have e-mail this time.

So I would take China for three months with a newborn over this one month. Ugh. Hard.

I just sent him a letter and in it I think I complained a lot and I figured I should probably not do that anymore because I want him to get an overall "E" (the best you can get). So I guess you're gonna have to hear about it.

My brother-in-law Jared just joined Facebook yesterday. This is worth writing down. I'm only taking partial credit. lol. lol.

We had this awesome leadership training yesterday. I watched it via the interwebs. I felt something. I was moved and I kind of super needed that. You should check out this website. It's super cool. I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have.

I hope you are in iTunes buying the Imagine Dragons album. One of my favorite songs is their Underdog song. And My Fault. And Bleeding Out. Oh and Nothing Left to Say. Crap. They're all good. No joke. It's the kind of music that makes you feel something.

Anyway, I should get commission for recommending them right?

Well I'm gonna go. I'm going to attempt another military ID. Did I tell you that story? If not, I'll tell it next time. What's your favorite entire album? Not just good songs. I want to know about whole albums that are great. Please share.

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