This Really Happened.

I got this jewel of a message on the voicemail at work today. I super wish you could hear the it in person. It's amazing.  Keep in mind that I work for a trash company.
"Yeah uh, hello, uh hi. Is this the United construction place? You're gonna have to skidattle from my play area. You're building houses in my play area where I like, where I like, ride my trikes and stuff. So uh yeah. There's also a car coming towards me. And it's Pizza Hut. Right now. So uh, you're gonna have to skidattle because I'm gonna eat my slice of pizza and enjoy it. So uh, yeah, I don't know how to track the ending number. So uh, I'll just take a poop in your bathroom. I'll just take a poop in your port-a-potty. Okay, Goodbye.

Best day of my life.

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