The Cyborg That I'm Not

David started school yesterday and I already want to die a little. I don't think I'm gonna make it. Am I?

I wasn't even home most of the day today. So that's approximately one and a half days as a stay at home mom by myself and I'm already dying? It's gonna be a long semester.

The Polar Express Night
When I read Janells post about Chloe and how she's a tad bit high maintenance I remember thinking, "how weird. I Don't think Sadie's like that." I take it back. I take back ALL those thoughts. I was wrong. I think I was just blind to it because I've had David home and he's been sharing the parenting with me. That girl needs attention like 26 hours a day. Then I have Nevie who's starting to get pretty socially saavy and recognizing that she can whine to get attention. Oh my. Insane. How am I supposed to survive? I know. I hide. Well I try. It doesn't work. But right now, David's home from school and I just sneak into my room for as long as I can. I'm fine if I get a break every once in awhile.

I am writing this super long and poetic and lame post about myself and the new year. I'm totally hesitant to post it. I hate those Emo posts. I think mine always end up that way anyway.

We've been watching Fringe lately. Have you seen it? It's totally worth the investment into Netflix or Hulu or the $19 at Hastings to buy the WHOLE season (right?) on DVD. WE're in the third season and they *spolier alert* find out there's an alternate universe. Except I think they find that out in the second season. But anyway, there's exact replica's of people there. Except they're not exactly the same. Anyway, it's proving to be realllllly super good. Like Alias and X-Files combined. But not creepy alien style. So what would and "alternate" you act like? What if they were everything you aren't? That could be good or bad right? I just wonder. Omg. ONe of the characters says something like "She's got her own vagenda.". Hilarious. Love.

This is Rebecca and Adam. I miss them.
Adam Nickle gave us this keyboard for a computer for the kids and it's a Cyborg keyboard and reallllly intense and awesome. IT has a backlight on it that you can change the color on. And it's got ALLLL the buttons you want. And some that you don't. Well if you do want them, I don't know why. Like theres a C1-C12 AND and F1-F12. Holy moley right?  Thanks Adam! IT's come really in handy since our stoopid laptop broke in every way possible.

My neighbor makes me food sometimes. It's so good. You need a neighbor like mine. For realz. Too bad. You probably don't have one.

I really want to do a Biggest Loser contest. I wish people would join me. But I don't know how to ask. Like I want to know if there's people that want to lose weight with me. How do I reach out without sounding so stoopid? Its based on percentages. Like not just pounds. Should I post something on Facebook? Then, like my sister-in-laws family is doing, everyone would put in like $20 or $30 and whoever wins gets all the money. So great. I want to. So bad.

WEll this is offically so dum of a post. I'm gonna go stick my feet near a heater since David lost by BearPaw boots. Sad day.


  1. I love you. For real. Its so hard when husband is gone. You can do it! Can you come visit me sometime? I want to hang out with you.

  2. I was "un-invited" to participate in the biggest loser contest that my family came up with. I think that is sad. I wish I could. My mom told me to feed Jared chocolate. I'm not going to. I guess I get to participate after baby is born. Some time.

    Sorry to hear life has been rough as a single parent while hubby is in school. Best wishes on that too. Hang in there. Love you.