My Husband The Doctor and The Polar Express

So my hubby came home an expert the other day. Weird how that can happen after one class. And this class was on depression. Given by the health services people on campus. "You have like 11 of the 12 symptoms" he said.

Thanks for telling me love. Its not like I've been telling you that I have it for oh um, years now.

How come it takes men so much longer to get stuff? Well maybe it's not the time it takes, but the fact that it has to be on THEIR time.

Whatever that health services person said, really made a difference because he has been so much more understanding of this silent illness.

Can I say one thing though? I've had to stop following a woman who uses depression as an excuse for everything. Its ridiculous. Gross.

Also, I get real bitter about rich people who post their purchases on Instagram and facebook. Especially when its right before Christmas and the cost of their one item is more than I've spent on all of my kids.

I'm off my soapbox or whatever the crap that saying is.

Gosh, I always want to have one subject for my blog but it's always way more. I cant help it.

David always has the funniest funniest theories as to what's wrong with him. Or me. I want to start a page entirely dedicated to Dr. David's solutions.  So he figured out that his sore throat is caused by the tissue in his throat rubbing back and forth together. It causes friction and makes it hurt. They get better. And I never remember to write them down. I will though.

Right now, him and his brothers and his dad are hiking 20 miles and floating down a river. Nbd. Oh wait.

We went on the Polar Express tonight with a couple of my faves. As we drove we reminisced on some of the best times. The time we almost got killed by Candycane, our yelling match in my dorm, the roommate that smelled, serviceenginesooon, etc. I have more memories with these people than I do with anyone. Love. They're gonna be so mad cause I'm posting a picture.

I want to always remember the joy of these days. It goes by so quickly. Jackson and Sadie have a couple more years of the happiness and joy and wonder before reality hits them.  The belief in Jackson's eyes when Picsag told him the red lights we passed on the train were there so elves could see. Sadies face against the fogged up window as she sang to herself, Addys surprise when Santa handed her a bell, being together! These are the times I want to remember. I loved the reaction from the kids of the time warp, and singing songs, and being so sweaty and snuggled in the tiny benches.

Mmmm. These are the thoughts I want to go to sleep with tonight.

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