Corn Dogs for Brunch

Nevie and I just enjoyed a corn dog for breakfast lunch. Sadie had one too. Hers was the kind that was actually a sausage wrapped in a pancake. Fancy huh? Bet you didn't know they had those in Germany.
They might not have corn dogs, but they do have these! This was at the German grocery store Edeka. I love how it has cucumbers on it. Cause we all love cucumbers on our hot dogs.

My family isn't super military so I wanted to explain a couple of things. They have what's called a commissary on post. It's pretty much like a Safeway. Not as fancy. They have regular things. Like corn dogs and pizza pockets. and milk. Expensive milk. The dum thing about the commissary is you have to tip the baggers. They work off tips. It's somewhat irritating because sometimes I don't have small change and so then I go through the self checkout and it's all lame cause I have a hundred bags and a hundred kids.

Anyway, I have always thought that commissary is such an outdated word. Here is some history on the commissary.

They have a PX too. Post Exchange. That's like a Target/Wal-Mart. It's a little more fancy because they carry name brand things that are usually in their own store. Like Victoria's Secret smelly things and Bath and Body works stuff too, usually at a discounted price. Nothing like you can get when you are awesome like me and use coupons and sales together, but still nice nonetheless. They have fancy handbags and name brand clothes. Clinique has a setup in there too. So it's pretty great. They have your incidentals. You know how I love my incidentals.

I am stuck at home for the next little while without a car. David was gone for a week and I thoroughly enjoyed going to the gym and things. That's basically all we did. But it was nice to at least have the OPTION to go somewhere. We aren't gonna buy a hoopty until David gets back. That wouldn't make sense.

My life is hard because we can't decide where to go on the next 4 day weekend. There are so many options! Seriously. Where would you go in Europe if you had the chance?

Lately, as in, yesterday and today, we have been hanging out inside all day. It's been hot. as in, 90 degrees and humid. Haha. are you laughing? Do you see how my a won't work when I capitalize it? It's broken. No me gusta.

I want to go back to school. I'm feeling stressed out because there aren't any classes open right now. I should have figured this out before. But now, if I want to even take a class, I have to apply to somewhere else and then get accepted and do a lot of hassle work things. Maybe I'll just pray that something opens up.

This is quite possibly the lamest post ever. So sorry you wasted 1 minute of your life. However, I would really like to know where you would want to go in Europe.


  1. Maybe they're pickles on the hot dogs? Just wondering. I would go to everywhere. Seriously. But besides there, go to Poland! It's amazing. I've been twice and would go back in a heartbeat! Have you been to Italy yet? I'd also go there. Oh! And Vienna. And Paris.

  2. And Prague. And Switzerland so I could get a watch that actually tells time. I could go on forever, but maybe I should just stick with my first answer of everywhere. :)

  3. Jared said England. I agree with him and also wanted to add France (Paris) and Italy. :) Eifle tower. :) So cool!!! Have a great time! And post lots of pictures.