Ellen Stands For Awesome

Um. For realz yo'? Do we live in the 18th century? I seriously can't even compose my thoughts because of the burning rage I feel in my heart.

So I see a post today on a friend of mine's wall. If this friend reads my blog, I hope she knows I love her. Anyway, she posted this picture with the caption, "Cover Girl just might get my business back after this! What a change from Ellen deGenerate - oops deGeneres. :)" So then after my heart rate went down I said, "It was Talias dream to meet Ellen. When Ellen had her on her show, she surprised Talia and made her an honorary Covergirl. She gave her this. Later Ellen asked her to be her official correspondent on the red carpet and she had it signed by a bunch of stars."

Then the friend said, "She might do great things but setting her up as a role model for this country is a dangerous precedent." 

Uh oh. I don't even know how to respond to that. I'm kind of in the process of once again freaking out. 

I feel like it's so hateful. I especially have a hard time when people who belong to my same religion condemn someone who is gay but openly praise others who are glutenous. What's the difference? It was actually someone I work with who brought that up. "What's the difference?" he said. 'The bible says both are wrong." So if you're gonna use the Bible or your religious whatever as an excuse, you better stick to it.  I honestly cannot even fathom why someone would NOT want Ellen to be a role model. 

She is certainly giving. She is passionate about it too. She also has confidence and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Good freaking gosh. What's wrong with that? So what that she's gay? It's none of my business! 

Here's my personal agenda: Let's not be hateful. Let's leave gay marriage alone. 

The religion I belong to does not condone hate. It also says we should love one another. That we should leave judgements to God. I don't care if someone is gay. Do you? Am I off my rocker? Tell me what you think.


  1. I'm very proud of you for this.

  2. We're told to hate the sin, not the sinner. I think Ellen is hilarious- I love her show and she does a lot of wonderful things.

  3. I hear you loud and clear. I love Ellen and I think she is a great rolemodel. I would have been raging. You handled it well. :)

  4. Okay so I'm not very bold in leaving my opinions often because I don't want them attacked. I'd make a lousy politician. This is a very LARGE exception.

    I am undecided here. My purpose of commenting is to discuss both sides, and not just one. I love what Audrey said. Audrey said hate the sin and not the sinner. I haven't followed Ellen closely, but from what Lisa says, she is very service oriented and does much good in this world. And that is "of God." I love people. I don't love them for their faults and weaknesses (we all have them), but for the good things they do and for the fact of the matter that we are all children of God. If I judged people for weakness, my life would be pretty lonely. No one is perfect. I wouldn't even like myself.

    That being said, I want to protect my kids from influences/practices that are not "of God". I can understand why someone says Ellen shouldn't be a role model. I'm not saying I believe that myself. It's hard work being a parent and trying to teaching children the ways of God in a world that doesn't promote God, and many times even thinks of God Himself as unacceptable. I'm sensitive to this because I feel it directly works against what I am working so hard to give to my children; kind of like one step forward, and then the world pushing two steps back, thus undoing what I do "at home" (even though it's really done everywhere when you're the parent).

    I can see both sides here. I don't stand on either side of the line, but in center court as I do with soooo many other issues. This is a very debatable subject, and I don't care to debate.

    There it is, folks. Just my insights on both sides of the issue. Best wishes with your frustration, Lisa. It's hard to see someone we love so much being tagged negatively; especially publicly.