My Carpal Tunnel Is Bothersome

My SadMy My  I don't even know if that's how you spell that word. Oh well. Tunnell. Tunnel. Hm. Anyway, so here's the sitch. I'm thinking that I want to quit Facebook and go back to blogging more.

Can you even hear me? I get so torn as to whether the blog is better or the Facebook. I honestly have been gettin' so rageful over certain posts on facebook. It's probably yours that's bugging me. Hahahahah. Cryptic.

Anyway, I'm at the Riddle right now. The Embry Riddle. David is almost done with school. Well for this semester. Two more weeks! I think he has finals on my birthday. It's always been that way. When I was in college it was thus. And now, it is thus.

I'm sweaty. Always sweaty. I was talking with Mariah the other day and we were talking about sweaty feet in the winter time. I always have them. I saw on a friends Instagram (ahem Danica) where she posted a picture of her in her "last open toed shoes of the season". It immediately gave me anxiety. Because I'm not ready. I think I'm just gonna do it anyway. Wear the open toed shoes all winter. Because who likes clammy feet? Not me. You know? Like where your feet get so hot that they sweat and then they're freezing because it's cold outside?

I wish I had a picture to post. I probably do. I will. I'll go get one. I wish people would pay me so much money to take their pictures. It's not why we do it though. And actually, I don't take the pictures. David does. I edit. Well sometimes we switch and I take the pictures. He never edits. Go look on our Facebook page at the new ones I just took of our neighbor friends. And "like" our page too. That's right homies.

We are always SO freakin' poor around this time of year. As in, so poor. Like so poor that I need to buy toilet paper but don't have the dollas. You know? I've been there before. Always. I know this is not the positive attitude to have to manifest the goodness of money but I just don't have it in me right now. My sister was reading to me out of this book that is all about manifesting (having faith) that you or we have enough money. It's too hard.

Sometime in a few months David will be making regular people money. As in, getting a paycheck. Like a steady one. Do you know what that's like? I sure don't. It hasn't happened pretty much ever. Except when he was working at the University of Phoenix. Hm. Even then it was stressful because we were paying so much in rent. Like 4 times the amount we are now and we are paying a mortgage.

So I'm gonna get crafty someday. I want to make monies on the interweb. Lately I've been selling crap on ebay. Whoa. I don't know why I just did that but I originally typed a bad word and then switched it (hi family!).

Black Friday was so freakin' fun. Sister and Friend, don't let us forget to get out on time next time. Actually, it was perfect the way we did it. we went out at like 9 and did not wait in a line at Target and Wal-Mart and we got what we wanted. Truth be spoken. Then we went to Kohl's and made up for it by cutting waiting in line.

That's all friends. Let me git a picture. Remind me to write on my blog more okay?

My Sadie just turned 4. Holy cow i love that girl. She is so great. She is the most giving person ever. You know how you tell your kids that they have to agree on something or they don't get to have/do either? Well she's the kid that's like "I'll do whatever Jackson wants". And when she shares, she really shares. She'll give you half of what she has. She is so nice. So for her 4th birthday she really wanted to paint her body. that's what we did. We painted her whole body. Her back, her front, her face, her arms, legs, etc. I even made my own body paint! So fun. Love love love. I wish I had enough words to describe how i feel about her. She is super challenging and I really believe it's still because her soul is old and she is stuck in this little persons body. She is so creative. She will color all day. Dare came over the other day and pointed out that every time he comes over, she is coloring. She loves to do makeup and dance. And hold Nevie. The novelty of a little sister has not worn off for either of them. I love that. Anyway, that above section was gonna be my last post. I'm gonna post a whole bunch of pictures next time. Because I always want this written down.

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  1. I'm so glad you are back to your blog! I feel like its WAY more personal than FB. I love you so much!!