Where I've Been Lately

I haven't had my phone for approximately 3 days and 4 hours. Just kidding. I don't know to the exact hour, but close. The kids were playing with it and then all of a sudden it wouldn't charge. But don't tell anyone. I'm getting a new one tomorrow and I'm kind of sad. Sorry if I haven't texted you back! I love you!

Logging on to Facebook from my computer at home, I had 25 notifications! 25 I say! Instead of checking it all day long, it was one sitting. I didn't even try and scroll through all the important info I missed on everyone lives. Fill me in!

Especially because I have my own information to brag about. Everyone likes a good story right? Mine's not good. It's just complainy.

I woke up yesterday (was it really only yesterday?) with immense death kidney pain at 7:00 a.m.. It was a day where I knew I was gonna have to take some Vicodin I had been given from my last time in the hospital. I think I have taken one since then. That was back on June 14th. So I tried to decide what to do. My good friend Hannah had spent the night and I asked her what to do. She told me to try and eat some dry toast so I wouldn't have an empty stomach with the Vicodin. Well I wasn't havin' it. I was havin' diarrhea instead. I don't care if that's TMI. It's totally part of this story. Anyway, that and my mouth was already so dry. So I left those Vicodin on the counter and decided I needed to go to the hospital. I couldn't drive myself so at first I tried my mom and dad but they didn't answer so I called my good friend Angela and she came and picked me up. Thanks go to Hannah for getting ready 6 kids and taking them in a car!

Angela rushed me as fast as she could. I brought my Paula Dean bowl to vomit in just in case (cause I had already vomited twice at home. And I am NOT a vomiter). They got me to the ER and my sweet mom showed up there too. The admittance people could tell I was in alotta pain so they got me back pretty quickly. If only they could've given me medicine just as quick. Ugh. I seriously have never experienced that much pain.

Remember childbirth? Remember that pain ladies (especially all you freshly birthed women)? Well, it's worse than that. My little Genevieve came naturally and I would have preferred that over this. There was NO break and it was death. I have been saying that if I ever have to experience that pain agian, I'm going to gouge my heart out. With a dull knife. Because it will be better than experiencing it again. I want to shudder at the thought. Is that a word? Shudder?

Anyway, so they gave me something awesome in my arm muscle cause I totally wasn't waiting for the stupid IV. And that made me happy. I made LOTS of friends over the next little while. I got an IV (After 3 tries) and got more happy medicine. Does anyone know the name? Its like Toradol maybe?
Mmmmm happiness. I am pretty sure I don't remember anything about the last couple of days. I know i sent some strange texts and left a nice voicemail to my brother Mike for his birthday. I think I proposed to a married man too. lol. All the workers were my friends. I even tried to make friends with another redhead next door to me. I loved everyone.

So anyway, did another CT scan and found out that my stupid 11 mm kidney stone friend was blocking my ureter. I talked to my doc and he decided to try and remove it via surgery. So I got to be admitted and got to have some surgery!

He said when he went in, that he was able to catch it in this little basket type thing but every time he tried to bring it down the ureter, it would float back out. He said he tried 3 times! So I got a stent in my kidney to keep it from blocking again. I still have to go to Phoenix to have it blasted to pieces. Then I have to pass all those little buggers. I have another 4 mm one in my other side and several small ones in both sides. Ugh. Gross.

For now, I just pee a lot of blood and have cramps and a little back pain. It's better than it was! I am thankful for my friends and family who helped and are helping me out SO much right now. Really. I can't even list everyone because there's too much.

David didn't get my mom's email about it until 12 last night. I attempted to talk to him through my narcotics and sleepy haze but it wasn't working well. He did mention that his teacher said he could come home!!! Eek! How exciting right? Well I said no. He needs to finish it out. We can do this.

My throat hurts from the tube they put in your throat from surgery. Oh and I got a million little heart monitor things stuck on my body. I kept finding them later. Seriously I think I had at least 12. Good times. 

This is totally a boring post. It's not meant to be entertaining or anything. I just want documentation. Don't worry, I WON'T be posting the rood picture my mom took of me in my bed after I came out of surgery. I had the shakes bad style. Did you get the shakes too?


  1. I hope all is.well and im glad you have such a great support system! Love you!

  2. Oh lisa, that sounds like no fun! I.do not envy you. But I do love you and hope you can soon get relief from all these stupid kidney stones, so sorry!

  3. Wow! So sorry! You are superblessed to have so many good friends! Maybe after this, you can finally not have death pain. then you can focus on getting rid of your diarrea. goodtimes! Whatever doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

  4. What a horrific experience! I hope you are all healed now. I'm so sorry for your pain.