Last Day At Our Friends House

It's because they are the people that make you feel comfortable. They are giving and kind. We really meshed well together. Brigitte, having met Hannah for the second time last night, offered to take her baby a couple times and I think Hannah offered the same (sorry I don't remember). Brigitte and Robert completely opened up their house for destroying by 8 kids and they totally did (destroy it that is). The kids got to paint and have glow sticks and hot dogs and play in the water and in the moon dough and watch Mickey Mouse! How fun. And I don't think anyone fought, except for the adults over who was cheating in the game. lol.

We ate dinner. We played Clue. We talked vaccines. The game probably took an hour or so because we had a gazillion kids running around, and in our arms. But it was totally worth it!

We got to hang out with some friends "last day" as Sadie and Jackson would say. Robert and Brigitte and Hannah and alllllllll the kids. It was way fun.

It got me to thinking (and I think I've said this before) that I totally appreciate good friendships. I mean, I don't hang out with them all the time, or even that often. But when I do, I feel completely revived and happy.

Poor Robert was the only man. On the way out the door he had Nevie and her seat in one arm and Ben in the other. It was nice of him.

I left with my arms full of other things like clothes and shoes and unfortunately, not her couch pillows.

I'm just excited at the prospect of these growing friendships because I truly believe they are what make my life so much better. Thanks to allllll of you.

I've really been blessed lately in that department. So many people I know have stepped up for me especially when it hasn't been convenient for any of them.

My good friend Angela helped me out the day I went to the hospital. She drove me there, watched me vomit and slipped me some ice when she wasn't supposed to. That's a good friend. Then she came home, filled my car with gas, cleaned my house, did my laundry, and folded it too! She dictated some classy text messages for me as well. Love her.

My mama was there too. She was great.I can't say enough words about her really. She's done too many things to name. A girl really just needs her mom in most cases. And in those cases for me, I've been lucky enough to have her there. She was my mama bear when I needed it. She went out in the hallway and stole me some washclothes to wet my head and clean my face after vomiting. I'm pretty sure she's the one that got me the awesome medicine in my arm too.

Katie has been awesome. This lady is superwoman! She has a million callings, 5 kids, and her own life to deal with and she always is asking me when she can take my kids or what she can do. And every week I can count on her to watch my kids so I can run errands. It's more helpful than I think she knows. I hope she does. I'm so thankful.

My in-laws are incredible. They take the kids pretty often for me. On my hospital stays, they're always the ones that have them. I know they are safe and taken care of. The first time I went to the ER, Mom Nickle came over and took them so I could leave pretty quickly. My kids love her and think the world of her. I'm thankful for the peace of mind I have when they are there.

Hannah has been there for pretty much everything too. The night before I went to the hospital she asked if she could come cook me dinner. She ended up spending the night and It was kind of a crazy blessing that she did. I woke up that next morning feeling soo crappy and knew I needed to go. Well, she was there. And I Didn't have a phone! What would I have done? She got all 6 kids ready and took Nevie for me overnight when I was there (at the hospital). Good friend!

I know I;m not mentioning all the people I should mention. Like my sisters and people who constantly send me text messages to check on me. And my dad who comes over pretty much every day to check on me and feed my chickens and takes my trash out. And lets my kids sit on him. lol.
I know I've been a little goobery lately with my posts but I can't help it.

I'm also taking Percocet for pain. I need to thank the Percocet.

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  1. Yep, always thank the Percocet.

    I'm so glad you were able to have some grown up friend time. It's amazing how it can restore you.

    I'm also happy you have great support. It matters so much.