That Awkward Moment When: There's a fake photographer

Its almost not my anniversary anymore! Oh wait, it's totally not. 12:05. Lame.

It was a happy day of goodness. Lots of visitors and such. David got me flowers. Igot him nothing. Except I DID do my makeup and my hair. Right? I'm a good wife like that. Iplan on getting him a gift tomorrow in Phoenix. And I WASgoing to make him some calzones. So that counts too right? It ended up being a much busier day than planned. Which was good. Bad and Janell cooked for us. And cut my Nickles hair. AND bathed my kids. So yes, it was definitely a good day. We were originally going over there to take a picture or two. But it ended up being a lot more than that! Thanks friends!

So Iwas (<---- OMG it's back. The whole I thing) looking at an album on Facebook. They were pictures from a wedding. That the photographer of the wedding did not take. You could sometimes see the photographers arm, or his camera, or his body but these pictures were not his, nor were they very good.

I realized that this poor guy probably didn't know he had a shadow the whole time. Or he was really annoyed that he did. I've only done a few really important photo shoots and Iknow how annoying it is to have Aunt Jane standing right next to you, trying to take over your shot. It's like the whole personal bubble gets REALLY thrown out the window when you're at a wedding taking pictures. Family and friends don't even care that their job is NOT to take pictures, but to stay out of the way. Naw, they are like your new best friends, your FREE assistants.

It was just a little funny to me. Iknow this makes me sound so rude. But you guys know that Idon't care.

Happy Anniversary lover!Oh wait, he doesn't read my blog. He asked me today in the car, "What do you write about on your blog?" lol. Isort of love that though. Because I get a sense of individualism from it. Knowing that I can write whatever Iwant about him, and he can read it whenever he wants, but that he won't. So sweetness when you read this 10 years from now, just know that Ilove you tons! and I love YOU who is reading this blog tons too!

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