Striped Socks and Swankles

So many thoughts in my mind right now.
If I had to say everything in a few short sentences Iwould say,

Dad died 6 years ago.
My anniversary is tomorrow.
I'm having a baby any day, but probably in like 2 weeks
My swankles bug me.
I hate people (women) who don't stand up for themselves.
I'm thankful for (SOVERYMUCHSO) long distance friends. They are my besties.

Lots of big, heavy things Ithink. This stoopid laptop doesn't like to put spaces between the words when Iuse the letter I. I'm serious. I'm not gonna fix it anymore.

I've said so many times over, and talked about it so much, the death of my dad. One of my sisters said she was having a particularly hard time this year. Itotally get it. Ihate to be that vague girl when Isay that there are some familial things that make is especially difficult this year. Is it hard to take me seriously when Iwrite things and don't put spaces between them? It's annoying that the I makes me do that. Look! A Space!It did it on its own. Ithink it's trying to tell me something? Does anyone want to analyze for me? lol.

My dad was that super laid back guy. Iloved his voicemail greeting, "I'll get back to you. Don't Stress." Love it. Don't stress. Don't stress people! It's not even worth it. But it's pretty much all Ido nowadays.

I'm Movin' On came on my iPod (it was on shuffle) as Idrove into the sunset. It was quite awesome. To all my friends who have lost a parent, I'm thinking of you! And aware of you!

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