The Awesomest Owl Baby Shower Ever

 How to throw a great owl baby shower: Let me and my people help! I'm not saying I'm cool or anything, I'm just saying I'm awesome. lol. But for real, when I grow up, I want to be a party planner.

Thank you to my sisters and mom and Coco for helping make this happen. It was everything I wanted. I'm so lucky and grateful and thankful. Minus all the people who said they were coming and didn't, it was a great success.

I made the owl garland from an idea I saw on Pinterest. Can you believe it? I made something from Pinterest! Here is the blog post I got the idea and the template from (for free!).

Can you believe it? Thank you to Kristi and her mom for the flower arrangements. They added so much to the decor! Decor?Who says decor? I guess I do cause I'm fancy.

Favors were important to me. Only because I feel like it's a way of saying thank you. I did sanitizer from Bath and Body Works (the Fresh Picked series kind) and taped tags on that matched the owl theme and then tied a ribbon on as well.

 Thank you Jaime for the plush owl that I think she got from here.

Food was great and yummy and happy and PRETTY!

And then there were cupcakes. Yeah. Those. Omg. The best. I will not reveal my source. Fine. I will. It's Karen. She is amazing. She matched my invitation owl so perfectly. And the detail... down to the single piece of sprinkle for the eye...amazing!!!

Here is the invite that these amazing cupcakes matched. The invites came from here. They are sort of adorable right?


  1. Hi, this is Amy Lovell from Freshly Squeezed Cards. I just stumbled upon your blog posting and I think you did a great job on the shower, especially the cupcakes! Would you mind if I used some of your pictures for my Facebook page, etc.? I will link back here if you want.



    1. I would love for you to use pics on your facebook! Thanks for finding this and thanks for the amazing invites. I still love them so much. You're awesome!