To Do List and Love

Mostly, I'm bloated. It makes me cranky. I gave myself and a friend a to-do list. On it were things like

1) Write a blog
2) look up a vacation where we can meet (like a cruise)
3) take a myspace pic and send it to someone
4) Spy on all ex lovers
5) Use

Well I did most of them (all within the afterhours of work. So like 15 minutes) okay, all of them actually. Except the vacation one. Because she did that part. Do you wanna see the Myspace Pic? I'll post it. No I can't. Because I did it at work and I think my boss reads this blog. And that might be uber-embarrassing. But you can text me and I'll send it to you!

Anyway, I feel all sorts of crazy emotions right now.

I'm surprised at how many Mormon girls are slutty skanks. It's very interesting. I don't know if I grew up in a home where it was overly-pushed on me or what, but I would never would have dressed the way some of these girls do. I mean, where's the modesty nowadays? And if you know me, you know that it's even a big deal I'm saying that because I'm the most liberal Mo you'll ever meet. I'm all about living/thinking "outside the box". So the skanks I'm talking about are really pushing the limits.

I'm talking about a see through t-shirt with a bra underneath. Like on purpose. Not only is that way 80's, but it's ugly. And whore-like. Gross. I'd rather see her wearing white leggings with panty lines. Ew.

So whatever. There's that.

And then I'm all feeling nauseous at the fact that women I know personally are married to gargoyle chauvinistic men. Gross. See. All of these things make me want to vomit in the trash can. Well that and my stomach hurts. I hope I don't forget to do spell check on this blog. Because I just spelled a couple words i KNOW are wrong.

I started this post on David and I's? My's? me's? whatever... relationship. I was trying to explain it to these certain crap-talking people the blog world so they would understand it. But I can't really do that. Although I'm trying and i'm the process. So I hope you look forward to that. Apparently people don't get that you can really have a relationship based on mutual understanding and respect. Where there is a father/dad who can take his children for a FULL DAY while the wife/mom plays. And that you can have a man who actually cooks meals AND CLEANS! Whoa. But then I might have to realize too that I have a man who is an exception the rule I think. He's perfect. Sorry ladies. Gross. That's vomitey too. The bragging goob stuff. Anyway, he sort of is. In fact today, he sent me a picture of my sandals that he fixed. Which means he probably sewed them. I know right?

I"m gonna go before you come after me.

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