250 Posts and Missed Calls

I can always tell what kind of day it's going to be based on the number of calls I get.

When I come into work I look at the answering machine. If that little red light is flashing, I know it's going to be an okay day but it's questionable as to how okay. Then I look at the number. If there is 1-2 messages, it's an "okay but eh... there's probably going to be some issues." If there is 3-5 messages, its a "everyone wants to complain and I'm gonna hear about it" day. Beyond that, I should probably give up. Those are the days where I hear about how terrible I am, and this company is, and our drivers are, and how we are just trashy people.  Funny right?

Generally speaking, the people that call and leave messages are, how do I say this nicely, idiots? Yeah. That's a good word. Today this lady called and left a message and said "I'm calling to pay my bill and it's 8:25....." as if I am supposed to care? She was saying it all surprised-like. Because apparently I'm not allowed to NOT answer the phone and I'm definitely NOT allowed to go pee. Rood.

It's surprising how busy I am. You might think that wouldn't be true at a garbage company. But with over 3000 customers (whose majority seems to be 60+ years old, or maybe they all just act that way), it's busy! Busy! I think when you are of that age, the highlight of your day is calling the utility companies to complain and be rude. They've got to get it out of their system somehow right? Do you hate me for not enjoying old people? Cause I sort of don't care. I only care because I like you and I don't want to hurt your feelings. Or your Grandma's.

Then there's the personal phone calls. I always base my day on how many collection calls I get before 10 a.m. On average? Let me count. There was only 4 yesterday. That's pretty good!  Listen, I pay my bills. Just not right now. Stop judging.

Anyway, that's all for now. I have messages waiting.

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