Sensitivity doesn't always have to be about teeth

I think I need to tell you something.

Sometimes when I read something on the F-book or on da blogs, I get this burning in my heart to go an a rampage. It could also be the hunger in my belly. But whatever.

There's been a stir in my world of online networking. Some people post some hate stuff and then people get all worked up and then there's fights and what-not.

Then there's some blogs I just.can' People post their opinion of stuff without realizing who their audience is. Now listen, I am NOT all about censoring but I think as a normal, functioning human being it is our job to be aware of our audience.  It doesn't always change things, but it maybe helps put thoughts/words into perspective.

I think this might be a little controversial. Because most of us write the way we write on purpose without care of offending. I only hope I can get to that point. But right now I still don't say the eff word the way I'd like to because I know that all my church peeps read this blog. It bugs. But these posts I read? They say things like, "I am right and better than you because I dress my kids well." No really. It's pretty much crap like that. I don't think I'd ever do that (even though  I am better than you because my husband and I try to match on Sundays. lol lol lol. Joke).

I don't even get my own point. I think what I'm trying to say here is that I hope I'm never that goob that thinks I'm holier-than-thou. And I hope that I do become the goob that is eventually comfortable enough in her own skin to write bad words freely. And I hope I'm always a little bit sensitive to my readers and if I'm not, I hope you'll tell me so!

Until then, I effin love you.

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