When Shopping for Incidentals Becomes Fun

When you is po folk, the silly stuff becomes exciting. Like shopping for necessities.

I got to do that today.

Well see what happened is, every semester David gets a stipend for book money. It's supposed to stay on his school ID card but he's pretty much won everyone in that school over with his charm so they gave him cash dollars. He didn't buy books, we bought baby wipes.

What a thrill! I'm not even saying that sarcastically. I've been using my stash of travel sized shampoos to get me through until we got a few extra dollars to spend on stuff (full size bottles of shampoo and toothpaste!).

So I shopped my little heart out today (and I did it at Target!!!). It was FANTASTIC. Seriously.

Target and Incidentals are a few of my favorite things (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are now on the WAY back of my list).

Let's talk real briefly about my love of Target. You know about my Targasms don't you? If you don't, learn. And use the term. So I had one today. And I feel happy. I'm even going to the gym because of it. I know right?

Being poor isn't so bad. It causes so many things to happen! There's gratitude in the simple stuff for one! And two, you get skinnier because you can't eat. Except in my case. I just eat more of the disgusting stuff. People were concerned for me today because I had Ramen. But it was delicious and nutritious because there were eggs in it (thanks E. Holdy for the recipe!).

Anyway, I'm so excited to now report that we have baby wipes and dish soap. It's a great day. I also had to purchase some schooleo stuff. And that's ALWAYS a blast. Mmmm... happiness is in the isles of Target.

I cleverly titled this picture "Loot" cause that's what it is. And yes, I did buy the expensive mousse (i've been using my travel size of that too) because my hair deserves it. Otherwise it wouldn't look like

this. Wow. I'm really boasting right now. It doesn't even look that good up there. you can see the frizz. Oh well. Anyway, whatever. You get my point. I am gonna go gym it up. And then come home to a shower full of shampoo and body wash. SO excited.

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